2018 Same-Sex Wedding Trends to Watch

January 13, 2018 by badmin

2018 Same-Sex Wedding Trends to Watch

One of our favorite things about working with same-sex couples is how innovative and personalized they are with their wedding planning. Today’s engaged couples in general enjoy blending current trends with honored traditions, and same-sex couples take this to another level. Today we’re scouring the internet and drawing on our experience with our beloved couples to spotlight some same-sex wedding trends we’re seeing for 2018. Making the list are:

  • All about the after-parties. com has reported that 19 percent of same-sex couples host after-parties compared to only 6 percent of straight couples. While this sometimes means an extended party after the reception, in many cases it means a party held days or even weeks after the wedding itself, most usually when a couple travels to a state where same-sex marriages are legal before returning home to celebrate with their loved ones.
  • Shaking up the aisle concept. Many of our same-sex couples are asking for creative ways to process, which has become quite a trend. For example, we’ve had requests for two aisles, one for each partner, as well as three aisles so each partner can process separately up two aisles and then recess together down the third. One couple even opted to create a circular aisle to resemble the Wizard of Oz’s Yellow Brick Road. What a fun touch!
  • Nontraditional wardrobe choices. Our same-sex couples are taking more liberties with their attire. We’ve seen a couple of Hawaiian luaus with colorful shirts and shorts, some beautiful and elegant pant suits and boldly colored dresses, and even a bride dressed like an usher on the Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror ride. The sky is the limit!
  • Forgoing wedding parties. Once again referring to Advocate.com, we learn that less than half of same-sex couples opt to have a wedding party compared to 87-percent of straight couples. We’ve found that when our same-sex couples do have wedding parties, they’re often smaller than those of our straight couples.
  • Escorting each other. We’ve seen more and more same-sex couples opting to have first look photo sessions before the ceremony and then escort each other down the aisle as opposed to having a parent escort them. This seems to ease some of the wedding jitters and help everyone relax and enjoy the day!
  • Focusing on the love. One of our favorite same-sex wedding trends that we hope is here to stay is the absolute focus on the love between the couple rather than on the smaller details that go into planning a traditional wedding. The majority of our same-sex couples write their own vows and create their own personalized décor elements, which makes their weddings all the more memorable!

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