What to Look for in a Wedding Planner Services List | Discovering

February 12, 2020 by Just Marry!

What to Look for in a Wedding Planner Services List | Discovering

Every wedding planner is a little different, which means one wedding planner services list won’t be exactly like another. It can get confusing! So how do you know you’re getting the planning services you really need for the best value?

Don’t worry! Today I’m going to explain the differences in planning services and what you should be looking for at a minimum before you hire your wedding planner. Be sure to read on as I give you the full scoop!

What to Look for in a Wedding Planner Services List - Just Marry Weddings


When it comes to hiring a wedding planner, there are certain services you should automatically expect. Every wedding planner services list should include at least the following:

  • Correspondence & Accessibility

    Ideally, you want to have unlimited access (via phone or email) to your wedding planner. That doesn’t mean you’ll be their only client and you should expect a response within seconds; however, it does mean that you should be able to contact them and receive a response within 24 hours during typical business hours. So much of wedding planning takes place through phone calls and emails, so it’s crucial that this is part of your service package. Beware of planners who limit the number of times they’ll permit you to communicate with them or charge you extra for unlimited access. Those fees can add up quickly!

  • Venue & Vendor Selection

    Your wedding planner should have connections throughout the industry, and with that, they should be able to help match you with either the venue of your choice or a venue that fits your style, budget, guest count, etc. Along with that, they should have connections with the most talented vendors in the industry to help you build the best vendor team for your wedding day.

  • Pre-Event Planning Assistance & Organization

    If your wedding planner services list doesn’t include some sort of tips and tricks, reminders, agenda creation, etc. during the planning process to help keep you and everything organized, you might want to look elsewhere! Your wedding planner should be keeping track of every detail surrounding your wedding day, keeping you on task and making sure you, they, and the venue and vendors are all on the same page.

  • Wedding Day Coordination

    Based on your event’s needs, your wedding planner should arrive at least an hour prior to the ceremony to make sure all is going as planned. This is how you get to relax on the wedding day! Your wedding planner should be there to make sure things are set up to your specifications (and likely oversee breaking them down). He or she should also manage your vendors and venue, doublecheck everything on your inventory list, guide your guests to the different events, cue musicians, send the wedding party, assist with photos, handle any emergencies, and so much more. If you don’t see these elements listed on the wedding planner services list, it’s time to research other planners!

Wedding Planning Services List - Just Marry Weddings


This level of planning is most typical for an elopement-style or destination wedding. The wedding planner services list for this level of planning should include the elements above and provide you more specific details such as:

  • Whether or not they offer venue and vendor booking assistance.
  • How they assist with things such as obtaining your marriage license.
  • If they confirm all wedding vendors or expect you to do it.
  • What they will include on your agenda.
  • When they plan to arrive prior to the ceremony.
  • Whether or not they help with setting out favors, programs, guest book, etc. and collect it post-ceremony.
  • If they distribute and pin personal floral or just oversee the florist doing so.
  • Whether they will have any assistants with them on the wedding day.
  • How long they stay after the ceremony concludes.
Wedding Planning Services List - Just Marry Weddings


The term “Day of” is really a misconception. Don’t think of it as just wedding day coordination. “Day of” is simply the most commonly known term in the industry for a level of service where your planner will be on site for both the ceremony and reception. In truth, planning for these events often involves months of hard work on the planner’s part!

When reviewing the wedding planner services list for Day of Wedding Planning and Coordination, ensure there are inclusions for everything above, plus specifics such as:

  • The number of in-person meetings you should expect.
  • How many vendor appointments they will set and attend with you.
  • If they assist with contract negotiation.
  • Whether they track vendor contracts and payment due dates.
  • Whether they attend and run the rehearsal.
  • What types of last-minute errands they will run for you.
  • Whether they review ceremony and reception setups and what that involves.
  • Whether they will assist you and your new spouse with a reception “room reveal” if one is requested.
  • If they will bustle the bride’s gown if needed.
  • At what level they will work with the reception DJ or emcee (i.e., for wedding party introductions, coordinating any first dances or speeches, cake cutting, etc).
  • How involved they will be in overseeing meal service.
  • If they will stay until the reception concludes, ensuring all items are returned to their proper location and that the wedding gifts are collected.
Wedding Planner Services List - Just Marry Weddings


Full service couples are those who want someone they trust to do it all for them. This level of service should include everything I discussed above and so much more! Our Full Service clients get our utmost support, and fully trust us to manage all of their wedding day details. After our months of planning together and numerous in-person meetings, these couples become extended members of our families!

A Full Service Wedding Planner services list should include everything included in the Day-Of Planning above as well as:

  • Unlimited access to your wedding planner.
  • 2-8 in-person meetings.
  • Attending vendor appointments with you.
  • Participation in your menu and cake tastings.
  • On-site assistance at your ceremony and reception, even if your events take place in different venues.
  • Budget creation and management.
  • Vision board creation.
  • Guidance on all design choices, from floral preferences to color selection.
  • Tracking all vendor contracts and payment due dates.
  • Providing creative ideas for your wedding day room diagrams and setups based upon venue floorplans.
  • Assisting with the selection and wording for your wedding stationery.
  • Guest seating and meal selection tracking.
  • Assisting in making wedding-related appointments (i.e. facials, salon/hair needs, etc.).
  • Handling bridal makeup touch-ups on the wedding day.
  • Additional planning assistance for other events surrounding the wedding.
Wedding Planner Services List - Just Marry Weddings


Curious how Just Marry! measures up compared to other wedding planners? Good for you! We’ve developed a wide array of services to meet the demands of today’s couples. Check them out and learn why we’d be a great fit for your big day!

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What to Look for in a Wedding Planner Services List | Discovering

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