8 Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas | The Insider

January 29, 2020 by Just Marry!

8 Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas | The Insider

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite alternative wedding guest book ideas. Why? Because it’s something our couples ask us about all the time!

I admit, I was married long enough ago that there weren’t many options aside from an actual guest book…and yes, I had one. Ask me how many times I’ve pulled it out over the years to read the signatures and messages from my guests?

You guessed it! Not once.

I don’t want that to happen to any of you. Gone are the days of the traditional guest book. Let’s dig into some fun alternatives!

Alternative Guest Book Ideas - Just Marry Weddings

#1 - GAMES

This alternative wedding guest book idea has been around for a while, and we hope it remains popular! Jenga is one of the most popular games used by couples. It contains many pieces with enough room for guests to sign and write messages. Large jigsaw puzzles can also work well. Get creative with this one! Every time you play, you’ll remember your wedding day.

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Make use of those beautiful books that decorate your coffee table by using them as your guest book! Choose a book that suits your wedding theme and contains images you love.

Bonus tip: be sure to bring the right style of pen or marker depending on the type of pages within the book. Otherwise, signatures can smear or fade with time.

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Most people don’t have record players anymore, but vinyl makes a remarkable conversation piece! Purchase a record with significance to the two of you. Maybe the album of “your song” or the song you choose for your first dance. After your guests sign it, get it framed and hang it somewhere you’ll see it every day!

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Why not have guests sign a special platter or serving tray that you can set out for display and bring out for special occasions? You can register for serving wear that catches your eye or simply use one of your existing home goods that you love and feel will perfectly commemorate your wedding day!

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Are you handy or crafty? Get creative with your own alternative guest book ideas! We loved this custom craft card used as a guest book by one of our couples. It perfectly matched their theme and had even more significance to them because they made it themselves!

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This is another alternative guest book idea that’s been around for a while. I love it because it’s fun as well as practical! Hand out recipe cards to each guest and ask them to share their favorites with you so you can stock your kitchen as a married couple.

Bonus tip: mention this fun element to guests ahead of time so they can come prepared with their recipes!

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Do you want a guest book you can hang on your wall and display with pride? Bring a piece of artwork for guests to sign! Make it even more special by having your artwork customized with your names and/or wedding details.

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Among the most unique alternative guest book ideas is that of holiday décor! Bring along pretty faux pumpkins or holiday ornaments with special paint pens and have guests sign them. After the wedding, you’ll be able to bring out the décor every year and remember the sweet memories from your big day!


When you invite guests to celebrate with you, it’s only natural to plan some things to make them feel special, right? Alternative wedding guest book ideas are just the tip of the iceberg! Check out some of our guest-related posts you’re sure to enjoy:


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8 Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas | The Insider

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