7 Jobs at a Wedding for Friends and Family | Analyzing

February 5, 2020 by Just Marry!

7 Jobs at a Wedding for Friends and Family | Analyzing

Thinking of jobs at a wedding for friends and family was one of the first guest-related tasks I tackled when planning my wedding. I’m fortunate enough to have a wonderful support system, from family and friends to coworkers, and everyone wanted to pitch in to help. It was overwhelming in the best possible way!

I strongly encourage you to rely on your own support system so you can relax on your wedding day. Let everyone else take on the tasks you’ve spent months planning! Read on for some great jobs to give to friends and family on your big day!

7 Jobs at a Wedding for Friends and Family


As your guests make their way into your ceremony, it is such a lovely touch to have ushers escort them to their seats. Assigning family members or friends this job is a wonderful way to make every guest feel special! The perfect person for this is someone like a cousin or a close family friend…someone who will know most guests so they know where to seat them. Your guests will be excited to see a familiar face as they make their way in!


Another way to involve friends and family is to designate program attendants. Having someone personally pass out programs for the ceremony is yet another nice touch to greet your guests. Nieces, nephews, friends, and other special people in your life make perfect program attendants!

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Does a certain reading or poem mean something special to you? One of the best jobs at a wedding for friends and family is reading something significant during your ceremony. It will be so close to your heart and add a sweet moment to your ceremony!

Is someone in your life a great singer? Include them by having them sing your processional music, your first dance song, or any song at all! This is such a sweet, unique way to have your songs incorporated into your wedding.

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Just as with singers, if you have a friend or family member who is musically inclined, have them play for ceremony, parent dances, processional music, and more! It will mean so much more knowing that they were able to play that song just for you!


Perhaps your family has been involved in all the planning, creating DIY masterpieces that are special and unique to you. Having someone delegated to help your wedding planner implement your vision is always a great way to get them involved! This person can help by doing a mockup of the setup, storing the items in their room, or helping place the items when it’s time for setup.


If you’re having a kids’ table at your reception, you might need assistance getting items set up for the table such as Legos, crayons, candy, and games. Ask for help! If there are lots of kids, one of the best jobs for friends and family at weddings is overseeing the kids’ table.

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Having a point-person you trust to collect your gifts and personal items at the end of your event is really a must! That way as you’re making your grand exit and winding down from your spectacular day, someone is making sure the gifts, cards, and personal items are safe. Then you can relax until collect them!

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For most couples, having friends and family at their weddings is of the utmost importance! There are many things to consider when involving our loved ones on the most special day of our lives. Check out some of our previous posts on topics related to this for more inspiration:


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7 Jobs at a Wedding for Friends and Family | Analyzing

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