April Showers: 7 Types of Wedding Showers You Might Want to Have

April 19, 2019 by Just Marry!

April Showers: 7 Types of Wedding Showers You Might Want to Have

Nearly-weds, it’s Sarah here and I’m ready to share all about wedding showers! Having a wedding shower or a bridal shower is a long-known tradition when it comes to weddings. But traditions are changing right along with the times.

Today I’m going to talk about a few of the different types of wedding showers. I want to give you some options to consider when it comes time to planning (or not planning!) your wedding shower. Let’s get to it!


A bridal shower is held in honor of the bride with female family members and friends in attendance. Traditionally, the groom doesn’t participate.

While doing research on this, I found differing opinions on what is gifted at a bridal shower. I saw one option of giving only personal gifts to the bride, such as lingerie. Another was giving registry items to the bride to set up the household for the couple.

Brides, the choice is really up to you! I’d just make your preference clear to your shower’s host so they can note it on the invitation.


A couple’s shower is where both partners are in attendance and friends and family from both sides of the aisle also attend. This can feel like a smaller-scale wedding depending on how it’s organized. The benefit of this type of shower is it allows anyone to participate and feel like part of the celebration!


Are you and your spouse-to-be moving into a new home after getting married? Then this wedding shower is perfect for you! Register online for donations instead of presents to help with your down payment. If you don’t feel comfortable asking for money, ask for gifts that can help you get started with your home. Power tools, hand tools, painting supplies, or gift certificates to a home improvement store are great options to get you started!


A kitchen shower is just what it sounds like! The gifts given fulfill the purpose of stocking your kitchen. Practical utensils, supplies, and appliances that will help you become the next Martha Stewart are perfect items for a kitchen shower. Decorative touches to your kitchen, such as kitchen towels and curtains, are also great gifts to really round out the theme of the event.


This is among the most nontraditional wedding showers, which makes it unique and fun! If you’ve opted to forgo a traditional registry in lieu of a honeymoon registry, have a shower that’s all about your honeymoon. Theming the event to your honeymoon destination is a great way to get your guests in the spirit!


Instead of planning games to do at your wedding shower, go out on the town! Whether it’s something small like a wine tasting or a cooking class, or something more lavish like going to a destination spot, getting out with your friends and family is a great way to celebrate your wedding shower!


Not having a wedding shower is always an option! I actually didn’t have a wedding shower. My now-husband and I didn’t want to receive gifts for our wedding. We also didn’t want to figure out traveling for a wedding shower or requiring others to travel twice for our wedding festivities. You may get weird reactions like we did since this is quite nontraditional, but we are very happy with the decision we made and we don’t regret it to this day.


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April Showers: 7 Types of Wedding Showers You Might Want to Have

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