Wedding Registry Tips | From Planner to Planning

October 12, 2018 by Just Marry!

Wedding Registry Tips | From Planner to Planning

The Just Marry! family is simply thrilled to celebrate the engagement of one of our own, Danielle, to the love of her life, Jonathan. This blog series follows Danielle as she transitions from wedding planner to wedding planning!

Today we’ll continue the series as Danielle shares the wedding registry tips she picked up during her experience creating her registries. Take it away, Danielle!Planner to Planning

With all of the major wedding details arranged, Jonathan and I could finally fit in the fun parts of planning! Our first move was to create our wedding registries. We used this experience as a way to spend time together since our schedules had been so busy. Here’s the breakdown on how everything went for us:

Bed Bath and Beyond Wedding Registry – We chose to start at Bed Bath and Beyond because they have just about everything, they offer 20% off coupons pretty regularly which we thought our guests would appreciate, and they have a pretty decent return policy. It felt like we could get the bulk of the items we needed right there in that one store.

We decided before going that we were going to be firm with the person who gave us the scanner gun for our registry. I read comments online by couples saying that their sales consultant was “pushy” and urged them to put things on their registry that they didn’t want. This was OUR day to pick items for our future together, and I wasn’t about to let someone boss me around!

We sat down with the sales consultant and he entered all of our information into the computer, and then he jumped up with a death grip on the scanner gun and told us to follow him. All was okay, though – we planned for this. Jonathan and I decided we would let him scan a few items and then say we had it from there.

As we walked through the store, the gentleman brought us through section by section. I found myself being slightly sassy and firm when he told us to add the five hundred dollar pots and pans set that we didn’t want, and felt this was our time to break away.

But then he took us to the robot vacuums. The one thing Jonathan and I said we wanted the most was a robot vacuum that could clean the place like our very own Cinderella while we were at work. (This is also one of Jonathan’s only chores around the house, so I think he may be hoping to get a little help out of it, too!) It was at that moment I realized that aside from pots and pans and measuring cups, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing!

So, through the aisles we went with the gentleman, and I couldn’t thank him enough for his help. Without him, we would have wound up with many items that were lesser quality, or we would have just been overall lost and confused in the middle of the store. I highly recommend that couples take the help! If it hadn’t been for the sales consultant, Jonathan and I likely would have argued in the middle of the store and left with only half of our registry done.

Target Wedding Registry – Our next stop was Target. The reasons we chose a Target wedding registry were because I have a love of Target, and they give you a coupon for a percentage off anything not purchased off of the registry by the wedding date. I really liked this idea.

This registry experience was the total opposite of the one we had at Bed Bath and Beyond. Upon reaching the customer service desk for a scanner gun, they told us they didn’t have any and that we could download the app and try that. We sat on a bench in the back of the store slowly downloading the app on Target’s Wifi, and finally we were on our way.

We were now on our own, and it took longer to add things onto our registry since we weren’t familiar with many items, had to look up reviews, and I found that we had most of our items that we wanted covered on our Bed Bath and Beyond registry. For our Target wedding registry, we added more fun things such as décor items, wine glasses, an ice cream maker, and a blender…things we might not spend money on ourselves but that we would enjoy.

Amazon Wedding Registry – The last place we registered was on Amazon. We found some less usual items on Amazon such as Mr. and Mrs. travel items for our honeymoon cruise, an air mattress, and similar things. With Prime as a shipping option, we thought our guests would really like this registry. It was really simple too, being all virtual. We just had to sit at our computer and “shop!”

I connected each of our registries onto our wedding website, and guests so far have been able to access it super easily. I also started shopping around after finishing our registries for some items for the bridal shower I anticipated here in Orlando…and you’ll learn all about that in an upcoming post!

*Just Marry! note: Couples interested in creating their own Amazon wedding registry can use the link above or click the below image to get started now:Amazon wedding registry

Thanks for all of the helpful wedding registry tips, Danielle! I’m sure our readers will enjoy learning from your firsthand experience.

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Wedding Registry Tips | From Planner to Planning

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