Budgeting and Negotiating with Wedding Vendors | Shopping

March 20, 2019 by Just Marry!

Budgeting and Negotiating with Wedding Vendors | Shopping

Hello, Nearlyweds! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: one of the most critical parts of shopping for your wedding is negotiating with wedding vendors. This is the step that will most dictate how well you stay on budget.

In fact, negotiating with wedding vendors goes hand-in-hand with wedding budgeting. Whether you’re paying for the wedding yourself or have help from family members, you absolutely must set a budget early on – and stick to it!

While this may seem like an overwhelming task, fear not! We have all the tips on setting your budget, sticking to it, and getting the wedding vendors you want within your budget. Today we’re getting into the nitty gritty of wedding planning. Let’s talk money!


Talk with those involved in wedding payments. The first step in creating a wedding budget is finding out what you have to spend. Ask parents or family members whether they intend to contribute and how much. Talk finances with your future spouse to know what you both intend to set aside for the wedding. With a clear understanding of the total contributions you have, you’ll set yourself up for wedding budgeting success!

Set a budget for each individual category. Talk it over with your future spouse. What’s most important to you? Do you want a live band, intricate floral, photography, or an open bar? Do you want to save a bit and opt for plated versus buffet? Once you rank your most important items, you can begin to set allotments for each category.

You want to make sure you set and stick to these numbers for each category. Don’t miss our tips on how to keep these numbers within your allotments!

Over-budget and underspend. I recommend pricing things out and allotting more money than you think you need based on what the average person spends. This way if there’s something you want to upgrade – a bar package, additional time with your photographer, or a beautiful accessory for your wedding wardrobe – you have extra cash from where you over-budgeted.

If you find ways to spend less, such as using house linens, printing place cards yourself, etc., this is definitely a great way to help stick to your budget and leave money for extras later on!


Be honest and upfront. When contacting wedding vendors, obtain their information and also tell them the budget you’re looking to stay within. You may get a photography quote starting at eight hours, for example, but you may only need six. Don’t be afraid to ask what sort of price they’d offer for just six hours.

As another example, if you want a live band and only have a certain budget that falls under the price you’ve been sent, tell them your budget. Perhaps the vendor will work with you or provide options such as a smaller piece band to fit within your budget.

Negotiate your contracts. Review every contract to make sure you’re getting the services that make sense for your event. If you want to remove something from a quoted photo package, for example, or you only need the DJ for your reception instead of the entire wedding, you shouldn’t pay for what you don’t need.

It never hurts to ask wedding vendors if you can remove items from a quote for a discounted contract price. You could possibly request to swap items out as well. The worst thing a vendor can say is “no.” I highly recommend asking for options or reaching out to your wedding planner for help with contract negotiation. 

By telling your wedding vendors exactly what you’re looking for and are willing to spend, you’ll save yourself and the vendor valuable time. It will also help guide you towards the dream wedding day you’re envisioning. Following these tips will keep you on-budget, leading to a stress-free planning process and wedding day!


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Budgeting and Negotiating with Wedding Vendors | Shopping

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