Honeymoon Ideas and Advice: Learning How to Pay for It | Discovering

March 13, 2019 by Just Marry!

Honeymoon Ideas and Advice – Learning How to Pay for It | Discovering

Today I’m offering up some honeymoon ideas and advice for you on how to pay for a honeymoon that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Your honeymoon is the reward for all of the hard work you put into planning the wedding. You deserve to enjoy it without going into debt! Read on for my tips on this popular topic.


A honeymoon registry allows your guests to contribute to your honeymoon fund. If you already have more can openers, toaster ovens, and blenders than you need, consider opening a honeymoon registry. Here are my favorite options:

Zola.com has a registry for Delta Airlines, Airbnb, and more. With Zola, you don’t have to stick to a travel registry. If you want a blender, sheets, or towels, you can register for them as well.

Honeyfund.com has been doing honeymoon registries for more than twelve years. They don’t charge fees for guests, and they have a fully customizable wish list.

Travelersjoy.com started in 2004. They have no upgrade fees and they allow you to book with any travel agency or airline.

HoneymoonWishes.com has more than 850 travel destinations, unlimited transfer of funds, and you can book activities through their site as well.

Wanderable.com is a very pretty site. It allows you to add photos to customize your registry page. You can choose between receiving a check or direct deposit. They also have a free iPhone app.


I have personally paid for travel all over the world using credit card points. When you make frequent purcheses like paying your electric bill, groceries, and gas with your credit card, the points can really add up. You can also use this credit card for wedding expenses.

I have one HUGE word of caution. DO NOT take this option if you aren’t disciplined with money. It’s easy to put purchases on a credit card and then let the expenses roll over month after month. You will be devastated by interest payments that will outweigh any points you will earn towards your honeymoon. 

If you’d like to move forward with this idea, www.creditkarma.com offers great advice on the best rewards credit cards to get.


Marriott, Hyatt, Wyndham, Sonesta, Omni, and other hotels have rewards programs that will allow you to cash in on money spent at their hotels. If you have your ceremony and reception a hotel, you could earn several room nights for your honeymoon. Some hotel chains will also make hotel room nights part of the perks for booking your wedding with them. Be sure to ask your catering manager if their hotel offers anything like that.

#4 - SAVE UP

One of my couples knew they wanted to take a special honeymoon vacation after their wedding, so they decided to make saving money for it into a game. They started paying for everything in cash. Whenever they’d get a five dollar bill as change, they’d put it in a jar.

They stayed very disciplined. I’m happy to say that within 18 months, they managed to save $3,500. That paid for a lovely honeymoon!


I know, I know…volunteer work on your honeymoon doesn’t sound terribly romantic, but sites like Honeymoon Volunteers and One World 365 (see this article for more details) can match you with projects around the world where you can really make a difference. You’ll also have spare time to do things on your own. Because you’re volunteering, you can save a lot of money on your trip and explore places you may not have ever considered.


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Honeymoon Ideas and Advice – Learning How to Pay for It | Discovering

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