Hiring My Wedding Vendors | Planner to Planning

January 31, 2020 by Just Marry!

Hiring My Wedding Vendors | Planner to Planning

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Today the Just Marry! Team is excited to share the latest update from wedding planner, Jessica, where she discusses these important early months in the planning process and hiring her wedding vendors! If you’re new to the blog, this Planner to Planning series is following Jessica as she transitions from wedding planner to wedding planning. You can check out the first post about her engagement to Alex here. Be sure to watch for updates between now and the big day!

Take it away, Jessica!


Like most other people just waiting to become a fiancée, I had a Pinterest board FILLED with wedding ideas and inspiration, thinking that when the moment finally happened, I’d be more than ready. Once I actually had the gorgeous ring on my finger and the initial shock wore off, I realized that I had very little idea of what I wanted! Of course, everyone expected me to have all the details worked out the very next day, which quickly became overwhelming.


The one non-negotiable part of the wedding that Alex was 100% set on was the date: 10/10/2020. Of course, that is also the busiest wedding day of the year, since everyone else likes it for the same reasons he does. Being in the industry, I knew we had to find our venue and pick our wedding vendors as soon as possible, so I jumped right into planning!


Both of our families as well as the majority of the wedding party are from all over the country. We really wanted to get married at a hotel venue where everything could be in one place and no one needed to rent a car or worry about transportation during their trip. We knew we wanted a resort feel, but not in a typical, standard hotel ballroom. We narrowed it down to our top few favorites and began scheduling tours and doing some research.

We’ve been frequenters of Rosen Shingle Creek Resort for a while now, as Alex’s company retreat is held there every year. We were impressed with their menu options, everything they included in their site fee, and the service we received immediately upon showing our interest. We also have a few elderly guests, so focusing on accessibility and the flow of the event space was really important to us, and Rosen Shingle Creek excelled at that.

What really sold it for us was the unique octagon-shaped ballroom that our reception would be held in. It has floor-to-ceiling windows, a balcony above it that overlooks the ballroom where the cocktail hour will be held, and a grand staircase connecting them both. We loved that it felt different than most standard hotel ballrooms, not to mention it’s directly adjacent to the gorgeous ceremony space.

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Once the venue was set and we had a more concrete idea of the cost of the meal, it was time to really talk budget and guest list. I created an Excel spreadsheet with tabs for everything we could possibly plan, all on our shared wedding-exclusive email account. You could say I’m a little bit of a type-A planner!

No one ever really wants to talk budget, because let’s face it, weddings are expensive. But it is a conversation that needs to happen early in the planning process, and you need to be transparent with one another and whoever is financially contributing to the wedding. The best piece of advice that I was given from fellow Just Marry! planner, Danielle, was to over-budget everything. It may look more shocking, but it is really helpful to have a buffer. Since we are paying for our wedding all on our own, this conversation was that much more difficult and important.

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After the date and location was chosen, my next step was asking my bridesmaids to stand up with me. I am so excited to have an amazing group of ladies who will be by my side! I wasted no time in asking them to be part of it and choosing the bridesmaid dresses, and they wasted no time in ordering them!


The next item on our checklist was to sign contracts and put down deposits for our wedding vendors. I am so happy with our vendor team and I know our big day will be amazing from a bride’s viewpoint, as well as a planner! I’ll have my Just Marry! family overseeing everything on the wedding day, so I know it will be in excellent hands!

The first wedding vendor we secured was our photographer, Sydney Morman Photography. That was closely followed by our ceremony musician, Jennie Rudberg with Orlando Violin Music, and reception DJ, Soundwave Entertainment.

Floral research was next, which was one of the biggest tasks to accomplish. There are SO many endless options when it comes to floral design, so of course I created a separate Pinterest board and spreadsheet. I knew without a doubt that Raining Roses was going to be our florist, so I started working with them on a proposal immediately!

Once all those wedding vendors were chosen, we decided that videography had moved from being a “hopeful maybe” to an absolute must! We began researching away, and I watched countless wedding videos of people I didn’t know. We ended up signing a contract with PolkBros Entertainment, and I truly cannot wait to see the video they create of our big day!

The last wedding vendor on our list was the hair and makeup glam squad. As a former hairdresser, the hairstylists were a no-brainer for me! They were waiting for me to ask for their help as soon as we announced our engagement. Beaute Speciale was my first choice for makeup, and thankfully they were still available! I secured both of those services and then immediately moved into wedding dress shopping mode.

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The first few months of wedding planning are easily the most hectic and overwhelming, and it helps to have an amazing support system! My bridesmaids were on the receiving end of a few panicked phone calls, reassuring me that everything was going to work out fine and that it would be beautiful no matter what. The Just Marry! team has been an endless resource of advice and encouragement, offering their professional wisdom when I asked for it (many times). No matter how much experience you may have in the wedding industry, when it comes to your own wedding, it is definitely necessary to seek outside assistance! It truly takes a village.

I let the holiday season allow for some relaxation and a break from wedding planning, and some of the finer details will need to be sorted out soon. For now, we are enjoying being engaged and looking forward to the other wedding festivities to come in the next few months!

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Be sure to follow the rest of Jessica and Alex’s wedding planning stories, especially if you’re a couple who is just beginning your own planning! Are you newly engaged (or suspect you might be soon)? Don’t miss these helpful posts to help get your wedding planning off to the best start:


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Hiring My Wedding Vendors | Planner to Planning

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