Creating a Detailed Wedding Checklist | Planner to Planning

March 1, 2019 by Just Marry!

Creating a Detailed Wedding Checklist | Planner to Planning

Planner to Planning

It’s 30 days until my wedding day, which means I’ve been busy creating and completing a detailed wedding checklist. If you’re in the same boat as me, you may be cross-referencing every RSVP with three different lists, researching vows, and scheduling all those important appointments before the big day. For those of you who aren’t sure where to begin, today I’m sharing my 30-day detailed wedding checklist!

Everyone’s planning process is different, of course. I hope that sharing my experiences and checklist serves as a reminder or guide to check something off your list that maybe you might have missed!


This is the biggest detail of the day, considering you aren’t legally married without it! I have to admit, I may have forgotten about this detail until I was emailing one of my clients to remind them about getting their marriage license. Oops!

Lucky for me, the courthouse down the road from where I live accepts appointments. While I originally anticipated filing online, I think it will be a fun experience for Jonathan and I to get the marriage license in person!


With all your vendors booked, this is the time to finalize all those details you’ve been planning for months. It’s also time to nail down your final plan for the day!

I recently attended my floral appointment with Raining Roses for my table sample. When I walked in and saw that centerpiece, it made everything real! We adjusted one of the floral types, and I now have the centerpiece I always dreamed of.

Other appointments to remember are your final wardrobe fittings, coming up with a photo list for your photographer and your plan of action for photos, and finalizing song selections and lighting with your DJ. Anything you want to sample, see, or have a plan in place for, you will want to book an appointment or schedule a call for it now.


I definitely recommend starting these early at your 30-day out mark. Your vows are what solidify your forever with your new spouse, so take your time on this. I am still working on finalizing my vows, and had such a hard time trying to figure out where to start!

Online inspiration definitely helped, but I also kept in mind that I wanted this to be written by me for Jonathan. By starting early, it gave me time to walk away from writing when I needed to, and come back and add/edit with a clear mind.


The hardest part for me in the planning process was waiting for those pesky RSVP’s. I ran to the mailbox daily and had the mailman’s arrival and departure times memorized.

I would recommend tracking your expenses and RSVP’s as you go, as well. I had a paper list, online list, and an Excel spreadsheet that tracked my costs as the RSVP’s came in. This way, I didn’t have any surprises when I received my final banquet event order.

Once you have these numbers and have them in order, make sure you submit your final count to your venue. This helps avoid any additional fees or issues from popping up!

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Create a schedule friendly for your vendors, venue, and bridal party that you can share before the big day. This will help keep you stress-free. Your bridesmaids will be at their nail and hair appointments on time, and the groomsmen will be where they’re supposed to be for their final tux fittings. By keeping this clear for everyone, you’ll have a seamless event where everyone is on the same page!


Stay calm. There will be many tasks on your wedding checklist, whether or not they match mine. The important thing is to check an item or two off each day leading up to the event so you don’t get too overwhelmed!


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Creating a Detailed Wedding Checklist | Planner to Planning

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