Completing the Wedding Planning Checklist | Planner to Planning

December 14, 2018 by Just Marry!

Completing the Wedding Planning Checklist | Planner to Planning

Planner to Planning

With our vendors secured, Jonathan and I continued making our way through our wedding planning checklist. I was eager to get our planning over and done! I’m a major planner (shocker there!), so I like to have all my ducks in a row.

We booked the venue. We booked our amazing vendor team. We chose our theme and color scheme. We completed our wedding registries.

That brought us to wedding planning checklist items #5 and #6. Here’s my story about the ups and downs we experienced:


We started with our florist, Raining Roses. The ever-so-talented Jesus and Walter personally handled our consultation. We are so honored they are going to create our beautiful day!

It was such an exciting way to start the planning, getting to see how everything would come together aesthetically. Jesus was so patient with us. He showed me different florals and colors, giving suggestions.

Wedding Planning Checklist

Even when I had the crazy idea of moving my arch from the ceremony to the reception, the Raining Roses team didn’t bat an eye. Of course, when I got home, I realized that I didn’t want to do that. I wouldn’t be able to take photos with my arch following ceremony, and it would be insanely difficult getting the large arch across the Hyatt property!

Toni, Jesus, and Walter were so great with my change of plans regarding the arch. They suggested what elements to move instead. I am so very excited to see everything come together in March!

Wedding Planning Checklist


After my flowers were secured, I went on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress. My parents and Jonathan’s parents spent the day with me going to two different stores. I tried on more dresses than I could count!

In the first store, I was pretty much on my own finding dresses. I became a bit frustrated running frantically around the store, trying to find dresses to try on. When I ran back out, the salesperson kept bringing dresses that were not at all what I was looking for. I felt like every dress I tried on didn’t fit my body right, or there was something about each one that I just didn’t like.

I was so discouraged. The experience brought me near tears. I just wanted to find the right dress!

Wedding Planning Checklist

Then I walked into Solutions Bridal Designer House. I was immediately greeted by Erica, the owner of Solutions. She assured me that her senior bridal stylist, Jessica, would take great care of me.

I sat down and waited for Jessica, and let me tell you – she practically came out with angel wings, a small choir, and a halo. Jessica was amazing! She sat down and asked questions about Jonathan and where our wedding was taking place. She even asked how tall Jonathan was so she could get a sense of how we look together.

When Jessica told me that she would be selecting some dresses for me, I was initially uneasy. But after trying on her selections, I realized I had to trust the professional!

Despite Jessica’s expert guidance, I initially struck out on dresses. Then I finally found a dress I was comfortable in, but it was essentially plain. I love sparkles and I love to dress up, so although I felt good in this dress, I was still unsure.

Jessica grabbed a veil and jewelry and I immediately felt better about the dress. Still, I couldn’t help but say “I love this veil, but I wish the detail of the veil was on the dress”. That’s when the magic of Jessica started.

She said, “Why can’t it be?” She then started wrapping the veil around me to show me how we could place the appliques on the body of the dress. Because of Jonathan’s height, she recommended that the longest vine with flowers on the veil go on the front of the dress to elongate me. I was amazed and went home saying “Yes to the dress!”


I sent out photos of my dress to family and friends to share my excitement. To my surprise, I found I wasn’t getting the reaction I hoped for. Some people said, “It wasn’t what I pictured,” and another person told someone close to me that they hated my dress. I tossed and turned all that night, crying until about 4 AM wondering if I should have tried on more dresses.

A day later, my dad called. He reassured me that because we were adding the appliques from the veil, my dress was truly MY dress. He reminded me about how I lit up when I tried it on and discovered it had pockets! He also told me that I looked beautiful and that it was my dress.

Sometimes, that’s all a girl needs to hear.


When my dress finally arrived, my sister, niece, and nephew went to the store with me for my first fitting. I brought my shoes and jewelry I’d found in the months leading up to the fitting, and Jessica worked even more magic helping me select a belt with some bling to complete the dress. I felt good, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for me when we finally finish the dress and select my veil!

I cannot thank Jessica and the Solutions team enough. My family and I haven’t stopped talking about her since the day we met her! In the end, she is what made my wedding dress shopping experience one I will never forget.

Although I’ve had a few bumps in the road while marking off my wedding planning checklist, I’m so lucky to have the support of my wonderful vendor team, my co-workers, and especially my family. With their help, I know everything will be perfect on the big day!

Wedding Planning Checklist
Wedding Planning Checklist

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Completing the Wedding Planning Checklist | Planner to Planning

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