8 Fun Wedding Favors All Your Guests Will Enjoy | Inside Scoop

July 31, 2019 by Just Marry!

8 Fun Wedding Favors All Your Guests Will Enjoy | Inside Scoop

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Having fun wedding favors is a great way to say “thank you” to your guests for coming and celebrating with you. It also gives them something to remember your wedding after it’s over, and it’s a great way to show your personalities!

It can be difficult sometimes to think of fun wedding favors for all of your guests to enjoy, so I’ve taken the liberty of coming up with some ideas for you! Today I’m going to talk about some of my favorite favor ideas that are a big hit with guests.

Fun Wedding Favors All Your Guests Will Enjoy - Just Marry Weddings


Are you having a destination wedding? Favors from local vendors are a great way to help support small businesses in the town where you’re getting married. It also provides your guests with small mementos from your wedding location.

Some great examples of local favors are small bottles of a local spirit or wine, small bags of locally made tea or coffee, small jars of jams, jellies, or honey that are locally produced, or locally-made soaps, bath fizzes, or candles.


The fall season is a popular time to get married. If you plan on having an outdoor wedding during the colder months of the year, blankets or shawls would be great favors for your guests! You can personalize them with a quote, monogram them with you and your spouse’s initials, and even get colors to match your wedding theme. Your guests will be able to stay warm during the festivities and also get use of the favors long after the wedding.

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If you’re having a beach wedding or you know your guests will want to be comfortable for some late-night dancing, consider giving flip-flops as fun wedding favors. Give flip flops that match your wedding theme, or you can stick to neutral colors like white, grey, or black. Your guests will thank you for providing an alternate pair of shoes for the occasion, and they’ll be able to use them long after the wedding as well.


Think about the season of your wedding. Are you getting married during the winter? Consider giving your guests s’mores kits or holiday ornaments. How about a fall wedding? Candy apples or caramel popcorn are great options! Summer? Sunglasses or fans are great way to beat the heat. Spring? Flower, vegetable, or plant seeds are perfect for the season. The possibilities for seasonal wedding favors are endless!


If you aren’t having a wedding cake, consider doing a treat station as your wedding favor! Offer different kinds of sweets, like brownies or cookies or even different candies for your guests to enjoy. Include treat bags or small to-go boxes for your guests so they can take these treats home as a fun wedding favor!

Fun Wedding Favors - Just Marry Weddings


Another way your guests can take something home to remember your wedding is having a photobooth at your reception! Guests will enjoy being able to take some fun photos with their family and friends (or you and your spouse!). You can personalize the photobooth by including props or a border around the photos with you and your spouse’s names on it.

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Still unsure what fun wedding favors to give your guests? No worries! Take the money you would have spent on the favors and donate it to a charitable cause. One way to let your guests know about your donation is by leaving a note at their seat at the reception. Some charities, like St. Jude, offer pre-printed notes to give to your guests notifying them that you’ve made a donation in their name.


Are you a fan of baking? Provide your guests with a dry mix of a recipe you and your spouse love to eat, or create a delicious hot cocoa mix. You can personalize them by creating your fun mixes in customized mason jars or mugs. Your guests will be excited to take these dry mixes home and enjoy your yummy recipe!

Fun Wedding Favors - Just Marry Weddings


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8 Fun Wedding Favors All Your Guests Will Enjoy | Inside Scoop

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