5 Honeymoon Tips for Your Destination Honeymoon | Organizing

December 25, 2019 by Just Marry!

5 Honeymoon Tips for Your Destination Honeymoon | Organizing

It might sound odd to offer couples honeymoon tips, but that’s the life for us wedding planners! We know that once the hard work and planning are behind you, it’s time for you and your new spouse to celebrate, relax, and honeymoon. The key is to plan effectively ahead of time so you can enjoy every minute!

When preparing for a destination honeymoon, in particular, there are many factors to take into consideration. Where should you honeymoon? What should you pack? The questions can quickly add up!

Have no fear. I’ve got you covered with all the honeymoon tips you’ll need for your destination honeymoon planning!

5 Honeymoon Tips for Your Destination Honeymoon - Just Marry Weddings


The biggest decision you’ll need to make is where you’re going to honeymoon. Destination honeymoons are a wonderful way to see something new and experience an adventure together as a newly married couple! When choosing a destination for your honeymoon, think about climate, the things you want to see, the time of year, your budget, and any other factors that matter to you.

Want to sit on a beach and take in the moment of being a newlywed? Choose a destination with palm trees surrounding you in warm weather! Perhaps you’re more of an adventurous couple and want to travel somewhere exciting like Alaska, or travel to another country.

Talk this over together and narrow down your list. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few options, that will make the decision on where to honeymoon that much easier!

5 Honeymoon Tips for Your Destination Honeymoon - Destination - Just Marry Weddings


Once you’re at your honeymoon locale, do you want to stay at a hotel, an all-inclusive resort, a private rented home, or somewhere unique such as a romantic bed and breakfast? This decision will help all your other plans fall into place. From there, you can select all your activities and plans knowing your proximity to the fun and spots you want to see. You’ll be able to relax knowing you’ve got the perfect place to return to after a day of fun!


One of my most important honeymoon tips is creating a packing list in advance. Be sure to keep adding to that list as you think of items you may need. Much like for the wedding day, pack the items you’d need in case of an emergency, such as medicine, a sewing kit, a small first aid kit, sunburn ointment, and more.

On top of emergency items, consider what attire you will need. Will you need to dress warm? Pack a bathing suit? Also keep in mind this is meant to be a time of celebration! If you plan any romantic candlelit dinners, for example, you may want to pack a special dress or suit, and shoes to match!

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So little time, so much to do! Plan ahead and map out the places you want to see and the things you want to do at your honeymoon destination. Having a plan ahead of time helps ensure that you get to see and do everything you want to during your honeymoon. Don’t forget to take it all in – and take some photos!

Not up for any crazy hikes, vigorous activity, or scheduled tours? Just schedule your relaxation time! Talk about plans for your meals and then build your schedule around those times each day. Having the ability to go and do anything, anytime is a nice way to step back from the planning of the big day!

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Plan ahead and set aside money for your honeymoon. It’s a special time in your life, so being able to not worry about budget and spend your money as you please will keep the stress out of your honeymoon!

Flying or staying with a specific brand? Consider becoming a rewards member or opening a credit card that accrues points that can be redeemed towards things such as flights, room nights, and more. The honeymoon can all but pay for itself after you’ve paid off your wedding expenses!

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Whether or not you’re having a destination honeymoon, there’s plenty to know about honeymoon planning. Don’t worry, though…we’ve got you covered! Check out some of our previous posts on this popular topic:


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5 Honeymoon Tips for Your Destination Honeymoon | Organizing

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