Why Every Engaged Couple Needs a Wedding Vision Board | Discovering

July 8, 2020 by Just Marry!

Why Every Engaged Couple Needs a Wedding Vision Board | Discovering

When the time comes to start planning your wedding, a wedding vision board is going to be your new best friend! Wedding vision boards are often something that couples overlook and don’t think are helpful. But trust me, they are invaluable!

Today I am going to share some of the reasons you need a wedding vision board and how it will benefit you during your planning process. Let’s get into the fun details, shall we?

Wedding Vision Board - Pinterest Snip


#1 - They help you design a color scheme and theme

Pinterest is absolutely amazing for inspiration and can give you so many ideas for your wedding. That said, it can be more helpful seeing all of your ideas in front of you. With a wedding vision board, you can see how well the colors look right next to each other, or how different décor you like looks when it is paired together.

Another nice thing about having a wedding vision board is that no element will go unnoticed. Pinterest can easily get overwhelming for brides. The options and ideas are truly endless! With so many options, it often results in brides changing their minds many times. This is where the “less is more” phrase really comes into play! A wedding vision board helps narrow things down.

Wedding Vision Board - Just Marry Weddings - Color Scheme

#2 - They tell the story of your big day

When meeting with a wedding planner, some people have a hard time explaining exactly what they want. A wedding vision board can be very helpful in a situation like this because your wedding planner can see everything you have in mind. They can get a sense of your exact style simply by looking at your wedding vision board. Your planner will be able to see the décor you like, the kind of atmosphere or any themes you have, etc. and bring everything to life!

#3 - They get you on the same page as a couple

It’s no secret that when you plan a wedding, sometimes there can be some miscommunication on what each of you visualizes as your dream wedding. Wedding vision boards are a great way for the two of you to express your style and share it with one another. They allow both of you to highlight specific details you like along with certain goals you have and lay out your images to see how they mesh. For example, if you fell in love with a venue but your significant other has a theme in mind that they think won’t go well with it, use your wedding vision board to see if that’s the case. You would be surprised how many things look different than what you imagined!

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#4 - It makes things easier for your wedding vendors

There are many different services involved in making weddings happen, which means weddings have multiple vendors. While it is such a fun experience to have many people working with you on your wedding day, it can sometimes get a little overwhelming explaining to everyone what you envision and making sure they all have the same understanding as you. A wedding vision board shared with each of your wedding vendors helps make sure they are all on the same page and that everything is seamless.

Bonus Tip

By sharing your wedding vision board with your wedding planner, they can suggest vendors who they know would be the perfect fit for what you are looking for!

Wedding Vision Board - Just Marry Weddings - Vendors


We love working with couples on their wedding vision boards, and our blog features all kinds of relevant inspiration! For more tips on this topic or to learn how to kickstart your wedding planning, be sure to check out some of our informative previous posts:


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Why Every Engaged Couple Needs a Wedding Vision Board | Discovering

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