Your 2020 Wedding Tipping Guide | Organizing

July 22, 2020 by Just Marry!

Your 2020 Wedding Tipping Guide | Organizing

A wedding tipping guide is especially handy as the big day nears. With different protocols for each vendor, it can be a little overwhelming! That is why today I’m sharing our helpful wedding tipping guide, so you can make sure that everyone on your wedding dream team feels appreciated for making your wedding dreams come true!

Wedding Tipping Guide - Just Marry Weddings


The first step for any wedding tipping guide is to look through your list of wedding vendors and determine who you need to tip. As someone who loves organization, I created a separate chart on my budget spreadsheet for this. I listed the vendor/company name, their role, the customary tip (outlined below), and how much I planned to tip. It’s definitely a good idea to include these expenses in your wedding budget, since they can add up quickly!

Before the big day, create separate envelopes for each vendor’s tip. Assign a reliable member of your wedding party to distribute them so you don’t have to worry about it!


This is one of the trickier categories when deciding how much to tip your wedding vendors. It can vary depending on your venue, catering company, and contracts. I suggest you carefully review your food and beverage contract to see whether gratuities are already included in the form of a service charge before tipping these vendors. This is usually the case, especially for hotel venues.

You can always go above and beyond for your catering team and tip them $10-$20 each for exceptional service. For bartenders, there is usually a service charge included in your catering contract as well, but $20-$50 for excellent service is always appreciated!

Wedding Tipping Guide - Just Marry Weddings


Your photo and video team are usually who you spend the most time with (besides your new spouse!) on your wedding day. They capture your magical day for you, help keep you on time, and provide you with memories for the rest of your lives! They also spend hours editing the footage they captured after the wedding. A recommended tip for the owner or lead photographer or videographer is $100, and each of their assistants $50-$75.

Wedding Tipping Guide - Just Marry Weddings


As far as tipping for hair and makeup, it is best to follow the same standards you would if getting your hair done at the salon. 15-20% is pretty typical, and perhaps a little extra since it is such a big occasion!


Next on our wedding tipping guide is the person who actually joins you in legal marriage: your officiant! Typically, $50 is recommended for non-clergy. Otherwise, a donation to the church is more customary.

Wedding Tipping Guide - Just Marry Weddings


For ceremony musicians such as a violinist or flautist, $25-$50 is a great way to show your appreciation. For DJs, emcees, or other entertainers who are working longer hours, $100 for the lead DJ/entertainer and $50 per assistant is appropriate. Of course, you can always tip these wedding vendors more if they have the dance floor packed all night long!

Wedding Tipping Guide - Just Marry Weddings


When deciding how much or if to tip your wedding transportation vendor, you should review your contract. Often, there may already be gratuities included. If not, 15-20% of your total is a great way to show your appreciation!


While most delivery vendors don’t expect tips, these hard-working folks still deserve to be on our wedding tipping guide! $10-$20 per person is a nice gesture for the people working diligently to make sure everything you ordered arrives safely and is properly set up!


Your wedding planner typically works with you for months before the wedding, and then is there on the big day to bring everything together. We are the ones behind the scenes, making sure all your vendors arrive on time, set up properly, and have everything they need to do their jobs. Your planner also takes care of any hiccups that may happen without you even knowing about it. We make sure your dress looks perfect in photos, fix any crooked boutonnieres, and answer all of your guests’ questions so you don’t have to!

Depending on the level of service and amount of time you’ve worked with your planner, a good rule of thumb is $100+ for your primary planner and $25-$50 for any assistants.

Wedding Tipping Guide - Just Marry Weddings


Want to keep these tips handy while you’re creating your budget? Simply download our handy guide here:

Get our tipping guide!


We’d love to welcome you into the Just Marry! family! If you’d like help with your wedding planning or would like to speak with one of our planners, e-mail us at and we’ll get back to you right away. We’d be happy to customize a planning option that will allow you to enjoy every moment of your planning and your wedding day!

Your 2020 Wedding Tipping Guide | Organizing

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