Creative Ways to Do a Wedding Party Proposal | Analyzing

July 3, 2019 by Just Marry!

Creative Ways to Do a Wedding Party Proposal | Analyzing

Wedding party proposals are all the rage, and we just love them! Hi there, Nearly-weds! Victoria here, and today I’m going to share my favorite ideas about how to propose to your wedding party.

It’s such an exciting time when you announce your engagement, isn’t it? Asking your wedding party to be a part of your special day should be just as exciting for all of you! There are so many fun and interesting ways to surprise your friends and family members when asking them to stand up with you.

Now let’s get into some of those fun wedding party proposal ideas and how to go about executing them!

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Who doesn’t love receiving gifts, right? That’s what makes this one of my favorite ways to do a wedding party proposal! Present the friends and family you intend to invite with fun, personalized gifts and a card that “pops the question”. They won’t hesitate to say yes!

Among some of the most popular wedding party proposal gifts are monogrammed shirts/robes, special jewelry, a custom label on a bottle of wine, and even nail polish to wear on the big day! We love these bridal party robes that come in a wide variety of colors so you can match it to your wedding theme. Too fun, and great for photos!

The best personalized gifts are the ones that your friends and family can use and that also have meaning to them. Feel free to be creative!

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Another idea I love is presenting your potential wedding party members with homemade cards. It’s so rare that people receive actual cards these days, never mind ones made by hand! Talk about standing out and making a statement!

Whether the card you make is sentimental or funny, it’s the thought that counts. Everyone loves to know how much they mean to someone! I think the best cards are the ones that share a funny memory, but also bring a tear to their eye because you’ve stressed how important they are to you and why it would mean the world if they took part in your wedding day.


One of my most favorite wedding party proposal ideas is hosting a “framily” dinner for those you intend to invite to stand up with you. Get everyone together and propose to all of them over a delicious meal…maybe during the dessert course written on a cake or in a hidden message within a fortune cookie! This is a great way to let them all know how much they mean to you.

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When it comes to a wedding party proposal, remember that the people you want to have involved in your wedding will be excited to share this day with you. They’ll be thrilled that you asked them in a special way!


Didn’t find a wedding party proposal idea in this post that met your vision? No problem! You can get more ideas with our handy download below. We’d love to hear how your proposal turns out!

Download five more fun wedding party proposal ideas:


Your wedding party will be there to help you throughout your planning and will be by your side until your grand exit from the reception. Learn more tips in these posts to make sure your wedding party has the best experience possible!


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Creative Ways to Do a Wedding Party Proposal | Analyzing

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