8 Wedding Memorial Ideas to Honor Departed Loved Ones | Organizing

May 26, 2021 by Just Marry!

8 Wedding Memorial Ideas to Honor Departed Loved Ones | Organizing

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With Memorial Day right around the corner here in the U.S., today I thought I’d share some wedding memorial ideas our couples might want to consider. It’s never easy to lose a loved one, but that loss especially hits home when planning a wedding. My hope is that these wedding memorial ideas will help you decide on the best way to honor and include any loved ones you want to remember on your special day.

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#1 - A Decorated Memorial Table

Still among the most classic and beautiful wedding memorial ideas is setting up a memorial table at your ceremony and/or reception topped with photographs of the loved one(s) you want to honor. Consider having your florist decorate the table with flowers and candles, or bring in personalized signs and any personal keepsakes to celebrate those you’re honoring.

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#2 - This Seat is Reserved

Placing a gorgeous wreath, a touching reserved sign, personal keepsake, or even a single rose on the seats your loved one(s) would have occupied at the ceremony is another thoughtful wedding memorial idea. I once had a client who placed her father’s cowboy hat with a photo of him and a stem rose laid on his seat to honor him on her wedding day. It was truly touching!

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#3 - Take to the Sky

If you have the space for it, releasing lighted lanterns, balloons, or doves in honor of your loved one is something truly magnificent. There is something so magical about seeing things floating or flying into the sky. What better way to memorialize someone you’ve loved and lost?

#4 - Let There Be Light

Candles have long been among the most traditional wedding memorial ideas. Weddings offer so many ways you can light a memorial candle. You can include a candle lighting in your ceremony in memory of your loved one, or light a candle in the reception and have a moment of silence. There are some beautiful memorial candle plaques or even custom-made memorial candles you can have made with your loved one’s favorite quote, their name, and so much more.

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#5 - Once Upon a Time

If your loved one had a favorite poem, reading, or story, the ceremony or reception is a great time to recite it. Whether you do so yourself or you have someone else recite it for you, this is a lovely wedding memorial idea that is sure to touch the hearts of every guest.

#6 - Heirlooms & Cameos

Securing small cameos with your loved ones’ photos to your bouquet or the inside of your suit jacket is one of my absolute favorite wedding memorial ideas. This allows you to keep your loved one(s) with you the whole day, in your hands and close to your heart. I have seen lockets and necklaces, small photos, and handwritten notes. Some of my clients have even worn their loved one’s earrings, bracelets, and cufflinks, which, too, can be your “something borrowed.”

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#7 - Significant Edibles

You could consider serving a signature drink named after your loved one that was a favorite of theirs, or a customized menu item, such as “Grandma’s Apple Tart”, that they loved or were known for. This is a unique wedding memorial idea that is sure to bring your guests down Memory Lane in the midst of all the fun wedding day activities!

#8 - Dance the Night (or Day) Away

Dancing to a song (or songs) in your loved one’s honor is one of the sweetest ways to memorialize them. If they had a favorite song or a song that you always makes you think of them, that’s one to add to the list during the reception. This will create another nice moment to remember them and celebrate your big day at the same time.

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Whether you’ve just started planning your wedding or you’re into the final stages, we’ve got plenty of helpful tips to make sure your big day is everything you dream! Check out some of our previous posts where we discuss everything from budgeting to last-minute wedding checklists and make sure you’re in the know!


Looking for more wedding memorial ideas or planning advice? If you’d like help with any questions you are experiencing during your wedding planning, simply e-mail us at info@justmarry.com. We’d be happy to customize a planning option that will allow you to enjoy every moment of your planning, your wedding day, and even your honeymoon!

8 Wedding Memorial Ideas to Honor Departed Loved Ones | Organizing

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