What You Should Expect at Your Wedding Food Tasting | Shopping

June 17, 2020 by Just Marry!

What You Should Expect at Your Wedding Food Tasting | Shopping

Nearly-weds, today I’m sharing everything you should expect at your wedding food tasting. I’m quite excited about this topic, as it’s one of the most exciting parts of planning if you love food (like me)!

Get ready to learn everything from when to schedule your tasting to who should attend and what to expect, as well as the questions you should come prepared to ask. Your wedding food tasting is a super fun part of your planning, so I’m going to make sure you enjoy every bite!

Wedding Food Tasting - Just Marry Weddings


Book the tasting

If you’re a destination client like many of ours, you may want to schedule a trip for your food tasting. Most venues and caterers have some flexibility as to how far out the tasting takes place, but you could be limited to weekday/business hour time slots. The chefs are usually busy in the evenings and on weekends, cooking for events.

Generally, any time within the 3-12-month mark is a good time to schedule your tasting. This way things such as menus or seasonal options don’t change too much. When you schedule your tasting, you will also want to consider the people you want to attend to ensure their availability, too!

Wedding Food Tasting - Just Marry Weddings

Who should attend

Many caterers and venues limit how many people can attend the wedding food tasting. For example, it may be the couple and two other people. Select people that may be the most helpful with contributing opinions or ideas. You may also want to invite anyone contributing financially to the wedding.

You will also typically be joined by your catering manager and wedding planner, so make sure that you confirm the date with both parties before setting any plans. Your catering manager will note all the details for their banquet team, and your planner will take notes and get details on the day. You will accomplish so much at your wedding food tasting!

Wedding Food Tasting - Just Marry Weddings

Dish out the truth

While tasting the various items you chose in advance with the catering manager, you may come across something you don’t like, such as a sauce, or something that’s too salty, or something cooked too much/too little. Be sure to speak up! This is the whole point of your wedding food tasting. This is a big event for you, and the day is all about you!

Questions to ask

While you are sitting at your wedding food tasting, you should be actively asking questions about the food and beverage details. Some things you may want to inquire about are buffet and plated options (and if your menu can go either way or has to be specifically buffet or plated), what house linens they offer, chair options, upgrade options for chairs, chargers, linens, and more. Your planner can also chime in on these details, and note your selections.

Another thing to ask about is dietary restrictions. Many times, the chef will come out to chat with you during your tasting, so it’s a good time to ask how they can modify your selections accordingly if you have anyone with restrictions or food allergies. They can usually offer some wonderful alternatives!

Wedding Food Tasting - Just Marry Weddings

Overall experience

At your wedding food tasting, You can expect to try various selections of hors d’oeuvres, salads, main entrees, and sides, and possibly cake if your caterer or venue offers pastry services. You may chat about signature drink options if your bar package includes them, and even toast with the champagne you’ll be served on the wedding day. You will leave feeling like royalty and be assured that you and your guests will have a wonderful meal and experience!

Your tasting will be a fun aspect of your planning you will never forget! Take it all in, ask all the questions, and make all the comments and requests. Your wedding meal is something your guests are likely to rave about for years to come, and you will definitely want to make sure to enjoy every bite on the big day!

Wedding Food Tasting - Just Marry Weddings


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What You Should Expect at Your Wedding Food Tasting | Shopping

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