5 Summer Wedding Themes You Might Not Think of (But Really Should) | Discovering

August 12, 2020 by Just Marry!

5 Summer Wedding Themes You Might Not Think of (But Really Should) | Discovering

While picking the season in which to have your wedding might be easy, choosing a summer wedding theme may not be. There are so many fun and beautiful options! This is a great chance to get creative and make your wedding one that your guests will always remember.

There are numerous ways to incorporate any theme into the details of your wedding. Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite summer wedding themes that you will surely want for your wedding!

Summer Wedding Themes - Just Marry Weddings


#1 - "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a well-known play by William Shakespeare. The enchanted forest setting of the play makes it one of the most romantic and whimsical summer wedding themes! While most suited to outdoor events among the trees, this theme works well no matter where you are having your wedding.

The key components to bringing A Midsummer Night’s Dream wedding theme to life is lush floral and an abundance of lighting. You’ll want to have plenty of fairy lights, flickering candles, and lanterns. When choosing your floral and décor, include lots of greenery and branches to bring in the feel of a forest setting. Oh…and don’t forget to incorporate some fairies!

Summer Wedding Themes - Just Marry Weddings

#2 - Nautical

Even if you aren’t near the beach, you can easily bring the beach to you with a nautical themed wedding! There are many creative ways to highlight this popular summer wedding theme. If you have bridesmaids and groomsmen, you could have them wear navy dresses and ties. For your reception, you can decorate your tables with navy-blue table runners, lighthouse candles, and seashells or starfish. Another fun way to have some of the ocean with you during your wedding is to serve up some delicious seafood at your reception!

Summer Wedding Themes - Just Marry Weddings

#3 - Farmhouse Chic

Another one of my favorite summer wedding themes has been getting more popular over the past few years: farmhouse chic! There is so much inspiration out there for this cozy wedding theme. That just makes it even easier to add your own style to it.

You might assume this theme is only achievable if you have a barn venue, but that’s not the case. There are many places you can accomplish the farmhouse chic feel. Use neutral colors as a base with bolder accent colors. Include details such as market lighting and lanterns on wood slices with eucalyptus or other greenery as your centerpieces. Use benches or pews rather than chairs for your ceremony seating. Set up your reception with farmhouse tables and rustic metallic decorative elements. It will all come together in a stunning (and welcoming!) design!

Summer Wedding Themes - Just Marry Weddings

#4 - Tropical

It’s only fitting to have a tropical wedding in the summer, right? This summer wedding theme is sure to make everyone feel like they are on a little vacation! A nice way to set the tropical vibe right from the start is through leaf-print save the dates. This will give your guests a little sneak peek into how beautiful and tropical your wedding will be!

With your décor, think of details such as pineapple place card holders and table runners made of tropical greenery or monstera leaves. Consider incorporating orchids, lilies, hibiscus, and similar floral into your bouquet and décor. Then top it all off with a cool fruity signature drink to really transport your guests to the tropics!

Summer Wedding Themes - Just Marry Weddings

#5 - Romantic Picnic in the Park

Out of all the summer wedding themes, this one is among the most unique. It’s also so delightful that your guests will love it! Whether you envision a laid-back wedding or an elegant wedding, this theme could be perfect for you. Not only can you make this theme work anywhere, but it’s so easy to achieve!

The food options for a picnic-themed wedding are endless. You don’t need a lot of custom décor to make this summer wedding theme work, either. Some ideas for your food might include different options of sandwiches, lobster rolls, and pasta or potato salad with cake for dessert. For your decor, you can dress up picnic tables or farmhouse tables with linens or checkered table runners. Candles and centerpieces filled with florals such as garden roses, roses, or poppies will elevate your sweet picnic theme while keeping it simple!

Summer Wedding Themes - Just Marry Weddings


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5 Summer Wedding Themes You Might Not Think of (But Really Should) | Discovering


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