Same-Sex Weddings Are Just Around the Corner

January 6, 2015 by Just Marry!

As some of you may know, same-sex marriage will be legal here in Florida starting January 5th. This is exciting news for the Just Marry! team, and especially for me. I recently became a same-sex certified wedding planner after attending Bernadette Smith’s One Love Workshop, and I can’t wait to get planning with more same-sex couples! At the seminar, Ms. Smith taught attendees what it really means to plan a same-sex wedding, and I wanted to share some of her insights.

To me, one of the most touching aspects of same-sex weddings is that they’re a right that has been hard fought in the United States. It is still illegal for same-sex couples to be married in 17 states, which means there are places where same-sex couples who have pledged their lives to each other aren’t recognized as legally bound. I was really moved by the thought of anyone facing such a struggle, and was even more excited that Florida laws have changed. I am here to help make same-sex ceremonies and receptions a place where true magic is found!

In the course of earning my certification, I learned that when it comes to planning a same-sex wedding, we have to think differently from a traditional wedding to make it truly individualized to the couple. No two couples are alike, and we want to be sure our same-sex couples especially feel it! There are many things I am looking forward to incorporating into the same-sex weddings I plan, including some of these tips I learned:

  1. Serving the champagne for toasts and blessings before the couple makes their entrance.
  2. Getting guests involved and easing the couple with validation and affirmation from all those involved.
  3. Asking couples if they want to include two aisles to have a joint processional. (I absolutely love the idea of the couple being able to make eye contact while walking in together!)
  4. Suggesting that the couple include the definition of marriage from the first court ruling of same-sex marriage to be read by the officiant. This adds real emotion and strength to the vows.
  5. Letting my same-sex couples know that if there is a disapproving family member or friend attending their ceremony, I will have that individual crying out of joy for the couple by the end of the ceremony from seeing and feeling what their wedding day is truly about: the love they share.

I think I am most excited to feature all the different and personal ideas the couples come up with for their special day. As a supporter of marriage equality, the Just Marry! team and I will happily and gratefully plan weddings for all couples. At the end of the day, we want all of our clients to know their ceremony was one-of-a-kind…just like them!

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