Should I Plan a Brunch Wedding? | Ask the Planner

March 31, 2021 by Just Marry!

Should I Plan a Brunch Wedding? | Ask the Planner

One of the questions we’ve been hearing more and more often from our clients is “Should I have a brunch wedding?” Today, I’m going to help answer it!

We know many people love brunch almost as much as they love weddings, so it’s no surprise that more couples than ever are combining the two. If you’re wondering whether a brunch wedding is right for you, read on to learn some important pros and cons so you can make the best decision for your wedding!

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#1 - Less Expensive Menu Options

When I first got engaged, I considered a brunch wedding for many reasons, including being budget friendly. I fantasized about a grand lawn garden wedding with beautiful acoustic music and preppy wedding attire. A spread of traditional brunch favorites like waffles, omelets, bacon, pastries, and seasonal fruit would be the perfect topper! Traditional brunch menus are not only popular with guests, they’re often substantially less expensive than multi-course dinner menus.

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#2 - Cooler Weather for Outdoor Events

A brunch wedding typically begins a couple of hours after sunrise, which means the weather is cooler than it would be later in the day. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony and/or reception—especially here in The Sunshine State—a brunch wedding will allow you to avoid the mid-day heat and keep your guests nice and cool!

#3 - Less Competition

A brunch wedding can give you an advantage over couples hosting traditional evening weddings because many venues and vendors have more availability in the mornings. If you want to have your pick of venues and vendors, choosing a brunch wedding is a great way to go. Added bonus? Some might even offer lower rates earlier in the day!

Brunch Wedding - Just Marry Weddings

#4 - More Fun Time After the Wedding

Brunch weddings offer a plethora of time to celebrate! You’ll have so many more hours to enjoy your wedding day after your beautiful ceremony and brunch reception. If you’re hosting an Orlando wedding, for example, you can use that extra time celebrating with your guests in your favorite theme park, or plan a meaningful excursion. What a fun way to begin your married life together!

#5 - Less Formal

If you’re looking for a less formal option, a brunch wedding is perfect! Although brunch weddings can be dressed up or dressed down, they’re known for more relaxed options on elements such as décor, floral, and dress code. Think of low, whimsical table centerpieces rather than tall, elaborate ones, and business casual attire rather than formal or black tie. Brunch weddings about the experience more than the design, which is another reason they’ve become increasingly popular!

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#6 - Not Being Exhausted on the Wedding Night

The beauty of hosting a brunch wedding is that you have much more time afterward to enjoy your big day! You can go back to the hotel and relax by the pool in married bliss, finalize honeymoon plans, and enjoy a nice dinner just the two of you. This sounds like an absolute dream to me! Morning weddings give you lots of time to be together as a married couple on your wedding day without a day full of stress.


#1 - The Early Rise and Shine

Before you commit to throwing a brunch wedding, there are a few less popular aspects to consider. Firstly, day-of wedding prep such as hair, makeup, and final touches can sometimes take hours before you walk down the aisle, which means an early start to the day. It’s important to discuss timing with your vendors so you don’t run behind schedule. If you host a brunch wedding, know that you might be working with a tight timeline even before the sun rises.

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#2 - Can Feel Less "Wedding-Like"

There’s no denying that a brunch wedding doesn’t exude a traditional wedding feel. As I mentioned, they’re often more casual and have less of a WOW factor when it comes to design. Still, you can certainly include traditional elements like a wedding cake, first dance, and bouquet toss. And with a morning wedding, you get the perks of great natural lighting for your photos without excessive daytime heat!

#3 - Typically No Bar or Dancing

No bar or dancing can be a deal breaker when deciding on whether to host a brunch wedding. Some venues won’t allow you to serve alcohol before a certain time of day, which is something to consider. Elsewhere, however, you can still incorporate these elements if you choose. Guests love Bloody Mary or mimosa bars!

And a brunch wedding doesn’t have to lag in entertainment. Instead of partying the night away to the latest soundtrack, hire a quartet, jazz trio, or band for your daytime event. They’ll be sure to get you and your guests in a festive spirit!

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If you’re looking for more tips on planning a brunch wedding, we’ve got you covered! Watch our fun YouTube video below and then check out some of our previous posts where we provide you with our best tips on this topic and many other helpful wedding planning tips and tricks:


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Should I Plan a Brunch Wedding? | Ask the Planner

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