Embracing the Halloween Spirit in your October Wedding

October 30, 2019 by Just Marry!

Embracing the Halloween Spirit in your October Wedding | Inside Scoop

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Are you planning an October wedding or maybe giving it serious thought? I don’t blame you! The month of October brings a multitude of festivities that jump-start the cozy holiday season.

Whether you’re drawn to the colorful changes in nature, romantic festivals, or all things gothic, the fall season is a favorite for many. An October wedding provides you an opportunity to capitalize on these nostalgic characteristics and explore your seasonal creativity. Don’t feel limited to orange pumpkins and costumed guests (although if that’s your jam, then go for it!) Think elevated spookiness and elegant, sophisticated glamour with touches of gothic-inspired romance.

I’ve included eight ideas below that provide innovative ways to incorporate the Halloween Spirit into your special day! Have fun, remember to always be creative, and if you’re willing, incorporate something spooky!

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An easy and creative way to introduce your guests to your unique October wedding theme is through your invitation suite. Opt to incorporate unique titles such as “Hallowedding” or “Till Death Do Us Part” to welcome guests to your special day. Try alternative invitation themes such as coffins, tarot cards, spider webs, masquerade masks, or skeletons.


For your cake, try a color that isn’t so traditional. Black, gold, purple, or red could evoke a heightened sense of spookiness and mystery. Have fun with your topper! I suggest picking something unique such as ravens, skulls, or even a haunted house. For the more traditional autumnal couple, why not include an assortment of pies or a pumpkin flavored cake?

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To achieve a moody, gothic feel for your October wedding, incorporate deep colors and jewel toned hues. Colors such as burgundy, charcoal, plum, and black are perfect examples of baroque inspired romance. You can always play off of the classic orange and black ‘Halloween look’…just remember to do so tastefully. Rather than simply adding an orange pumpkin, include orange flowers and foliage to pull a look together while keeping it elevated.

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Pick classic wedding flowers in dark, romantic hues. Add in non-traditional elements like feathers, branches, amaranthus, wheat, or gilded faux berries. Walk through your nearest pumpkin patch or Farmers Market for additional inspiration. Add dried and cascading flowers for a rustic, chic touch.


Opt for a non-traditional October wedding ensemble through the incorporation of black tool, lace, and beading. Outfit your wedding party in deep, rich shades like burgundy, burnt orange, amethyst, emerald, or charcoal. Incorporate unique embellishments such as antique brooches, ornate jewelry, black cathedral veils, and specialty shoes.

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Pursue out-of-the-box locations! Mansions, historic sites, baroque cathedrals, and gothic-inspired architecture will lend themselves perfectly to a sophisticated, yet spooky, soiree. Want to take it one step further? Look for potentially haunted buildings or see if you can host a reception amidst a graveyard.


If you’re strictly aiming for an autumnal feeling, you can send your guests home with mini pumpkins, mini pies, homemade jam, candied apples, or scented candles. If you’re interested in adding something Halloween themed, create a Trick-or-Treating station. Guests can get involved by filling up their own cellophane baggie with their favorite nostalgic treats!

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Elegant Halloween décor can include things like moody greenery, gothic textiles, mismatched chairs, and furniture with saturated hues. Think velvet, damask, and textured lace for your linens. Set the space with a plethora of ornate candelabras and vintage votives. A reception basked in candlelight adds the perfect mysterious, yet romantic, touch for your October wedding.


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Embracing the Halloween Spirit in your October Wedding | Inside Scoop

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