Current Trends in Indian Weddings

November 28, 2018 by Just Marry!

Current Trends in Indian Weddings | Ask the Planner

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There are so many reasons to love Indian weddings. They’re known for their elegance, their extravagance, and their focus on family and celebration. The attire alone is a feast for the eyes, full of color and vibrancy!

We enjoy working with our South Asian couples on their weddings. As planners and advisors, we are careful to stay on top of the most current trends in Indian weddings so that we can pass our knowledge onto our couples. That brings us to today’s Ask the Planner topic:

Current Trends in Indian Weddings

A: Today’s Indian couples are blending tradition with the unconventional. As more and more Millennials get married, we’re seeing bolder, more individualized design choices. South Asian weddings are no exception! Here are some of the most current trends in Indian weddings:


Day weddings. Couples are opting to begin their wedding festivities earlier in the day. This has influenced the rest of their wedding decisions, from their attire to their menus.


Visual interest in dupattas. This beautiful draping element of the bride’s attire is no longer an afterthought. Designers are adding more embellishment and variation, giving brides the choice of wearing it like a stole or hands-free.

Blending tradition with modern flair. Couples are choosing to include elements borrowed or inherited from their dearest relatives with their more modern attire choices.

Current Trends in Indian Weddings (G&H Photography)
Current Trends in Indian Weddings (G&H Photography)


Current Trends in Indian Weddings (Greg Dillon Photography)

Royal inspiration. South Asian brides are bringing back royalty-worthy statement pieces in their jewelry. We’ll be seeing more chokers, stacked bangles, temple jewelry, and oversized naths…but not necessarily all at once. Restraint is key!

Celebrity influence. Due to a couple of Bollywood weddings in 2018, brides are adopting similar looks. Wearing a mathapatti (jewelry worn along the hairline) is one example we’ll see more in 2019.


Less is more. Brides are opting for a more minimalistic look with their makeup, opting to go more fresh and natural.


Indian wedding trends (live station Amita S)

Sustainability. As with many Millennials, sustainability is important to today’s South Asian couples. They’re choosing to offer dishes in smaller quantities along with live stations in lieu of lavish buffets.

Indian wedding trends (food G&H Photography)


The Baraat. Grooms continue to get innovative and daring with their arrival. Expect to see entrances on ATVs, via motorcycle, or even in helicopters.

Solo walks. The bride’s entrance is typically accompanied by family and/or friends, some brides will buck this tradition and walk alone.

Indian wedding trends decor (G&H)

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Current Trends in Indian Weddings | Ask the Planner

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