Top 5 Things Couples Should Know About Wedding Stationery | Analyzing

October 6, 2021 by Just Marry!

Top 5 Things Couples Should Know About Wedding Stationery | Analyzing

Oh, my … wedding stationery! Who knew I could get so excited about paper?!

Stationery was truly one of my most favorite ways to include those intentional, sweet, and personal details in my own wedding. Wedding stationery can truly speak a lot about your personality and your vision for the wedding, and it gives your guests all the essential information in a creative way!

From your chosen colors to who’s in your wedding party, wedding stationery will showcase your most cherished day. If you’re captivated about all things stationery like me, then I’d love to share the Top 5 things couples should know about wedding stationery!

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#1 - Your wedding stationery should make a statement

A flay lay displaying your wedding invitations is my personal favorite way to show off the color palette of your wedding stationery. A flay lay is a photo taken of your wedding invitation and includes items such as your florals, the rings, or any other meaningful items. What makes a flay lay so beautiful is the wedding stationery itself that you design.

Many of our couples are creating what you call an “invitation suite.” This encompasses all the paper items sent with the wedding invitation. The traditional elements include the invitation, a response card and envelope, the mailing envelope itself, and postage. It’s becoming a trend to add a reception card, an accommodations card, and a ribbon to tie to altogether too. These precious pieces of paper really set the tone for what’s to come for your wedding!

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#2 - Save-the-Dates are nearly a must

We love a personalized Save-the-Date, and so will your guests! Save-the-Dates are a handy way to communicate your wedding date to guests without going into too much detail. It also allows guests some extra time to arrange their schedules so they can attend since Save-the-Dates are usually sent anywhere from six to eight months before the wedding. Oh—and Save-the-Dates are a great way to show off the photos from your engagement shoot!

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#3 - Don't forget wedding signage

Signage is a fabulous way to personalize your wedding to your unique style and personality, and it’s another way to carry your wedding stationery theme throughout your event. A welcome sign, table numbers, guest book signage, and the seating chart are some popular wedding signage options.

Many calligraphers and other artists can custom-create wedding signage just for you too! We’ve seen invitations that include a hand-painted picture of the couple’s venue in watercolor, for example, which always turns out stunning. Shop locally or online (such as on Pinterest or Etsy) to add this thoughtful wedding stationery detail!

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#4 - Keep up with the trends

Today’s wedding stationery isn’t the same as your parents’. Wedding stationery trends are changing every year! From choosing eco-friendly options to varying up the wording to something meaningful to you, staying up to date with the trends will help you make a big impact with your wedding stationery.

I personally love the trend of wedding programs that double as pretty fans for outdoor weddings. What a great way to make sure the program you worked so hard to design isn’t just left behind on the guests’ seats!

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#5 - When to send your invitations

One of the most important questions asked when it comes to wedding stationery is, “When am I supposed to send my wedding invitations?” Typically, you should send out wedding invitations at least six to eight weeks before your wedding (10 to 12 weeks for a destination wedding). Your RSVP due date should be two to three weeks prior to the wedding. Especially if you sent those Save-the-Dates I mentioned, this is plenty of time for people to know if they can attend your wedding!

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Top 5 Things Couples Should Know About Wedding Stationery | Analyzing

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