Wedding To Dos During the Final Stages of Your Planning | Organizing

April 28, 2021 by Just Marry!

Wedding To Dos During the Final Stages of Your Planning | Organizing

After months of endless wedding planning, you’re probably excited to know many of your Wedding To Dos are behind you. You may also be a little worried that there’s something you have overlooked. While it can definitely feel overwhelming as the big day gets closer, fear not! I’m here to help organize those final Wedding To Dos step by step.

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Collect All RSVPs and Send Final Numbers to Caterer

Unfortunately, almost every couple inevitably has a few guests who forget to send back their RSVP cards. Make sure one of your final Wedding To Dos is reaching out to those guests once the RSVP deadline has passed and get their final response. It’s important to have exact numbers for your caterer, rental company, your venue, and even yourself for things like place cards and table assignments. Typically, these numbers are needed about two weeks in advance of the wedding day to ensure the caterer has enough meals for everybody.

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Make Sure Your Wedding Party Has Everything They Need

Now is a great time to check in with your wedding party and make sure that all bridesmaids have their dress altered and ready to go, and that the groomsmen have sent in their tuxedo/suit measurements. Make sure everyone knows what time they need to start getting ready with you too. You may also want to put together a wedding party timeline as part of your final Wedding To Dos, especially if there are multiple locations involved!

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Set Aside Everything You’ll Need for the Wedding Day

It is a good idea to make a separate bag specifically for you for the big day. Make sure to include the rings, marriage license, jewelry and any other accessories, perfume, invitations, and anything else your photographer will need for detail photos. Don’t forget a fun getting ready outfit and your dress and veil or suit!

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Have a Tie-Down Meeting or Call With Your Planner

The week before the wedding is a great time to connect with your wedding planner and review any last-minute details and the timeline for the big day. Make sure to go through your agenda together, confirming that the timing is accurate for each vendor and planned activity. Be sure to share where you’ll be getting ready so your planner can oversee the delivery of your personal floral and come check on you before you walk down the aisle!

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Create a Photo Wish List for Your Photographer

Another one of the most important Wedding To Dos is creating a list of any photo combinations and ideas for your photographer so you don’t forget anything on the big day. Be sure to list out all of the family formal combinations you would like so no one is inadvertently left out. This will help you relax on the wedding day and allow your photographer to coordinate the logistics!

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Finalize Your Music Selections

Make sure that your wedding planner, DJ, and ceremony musician have all of the music selections for the ceremony and reception. If you want to change anything you sent in earlier, now is a good time to do so!

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Make a Spa Day Appointment to Relax

The last few weeks leading up to the wedding day are filled with lots of excitement and some stress, too. There are so many final Wedding To Dos that need to be tended to in such a short period of time. Don’t forget to take some time to relax so you can enjoy the wedding that you have worked so hard on! Schedule a manicure and pedicure, or maybe even a couples’ massage. If you’re getting married at a venue that has a spa, they may even offer you a discount!

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Wedding To Dos During the Final Stages of Your Planning | Organizing

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