Swan and Dolphin Disney Wedding | Jennifer and Michael

January 15, 2016 by Just Marry!

Swan and Dolphin Disney Wedding

Today’s feature is a throwback to 2011. Happy couple Jennifer and Michael held their destination wedding at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort. After their wedding, we interviewed the couple to learn more about the wedding day from their point of view. Here is what the bride shared with us:

What was it like for you on the morning of your wedding?

For myself, I was very excited and relaxed.  I was up early and ready to get the day started.  When we got to the Swan, my mom was there waiting so we could all get ready together. As for Mike, he was excited and not stressed at all. He got ready in the hotel we were staying at and he and his Best Man drove over to the Swan together.

What were your thoughts as you walked down the aisle?

Just that I couldn’t wait to marry my best friend!

What was the most memorable part of the day for you and Mike?

Our most memorable part of the day was when we first got to see each other. We got to do our first sighting by a little fountain in the garden. The look on his face when he turned around was perfect!

What was your biggest fear about the wedding day?

One of my biggest fears was rain on the wedding day. Also, I was nervous that our families wouldn’t be able to find the hotel or the wedding location. None of that happened though.

What was one delightfully unexpected moment on the wedding day?

We were delightfully excited that the weather was perfect! For a July wedding in Florida, it was surprisingly not as hot as what we had planned. We had a nice breeze during the pre-wedding pictures, which was very nice!

Were there any particular elements of your wedding day that you considered unique or personal touches?

One unique part of our wedding is that we had the traditional wedding cake but we also had a plate of Oreo cookies. Mike’s nephew has a food allergy that made it so he couldn’t have any of the wedding cake, so we had the plate of cookies for him.

Based off of your experience, would you share some advice for other brides and grooms who may still be planning their weddings?

Our biggest advice is to stay calm and just roll with what happens. Don’t stress over little details that aren’t going to be a big deal. A few days before our wedding, we got an email that said the Swan was overbooked on the day of our wedding, so we just adjusted our plans for my hair and makeup to be done at our hotel room instead. Then the day before, we received another message that a room opened up and we were back on schedule to get ready at the Swan. I didn’t stress about the change in plans. It wasn’t going to affect any part of the wedding and it wasn’t anything to stress over. So just relax and don’t sweat the small stuff!

Photo Credit: Ginger Midgett Photography

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