Creating a Plan B for a Rainy Day

October 16, 2017 by Just Marry!

Creating a Plan B for a Rainy Day

When planning a wedding, couples often predict their day will be sunny with a perfect breeze and just the right amount of clouds. As we all know, though, the weather can have a mind of its own! It’s important to consider that rain is an unfortunate possibility on the big day. By being prepared and having a backup plan, bad weather won’t be such a damper on the nuptials.

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding, such as the venue, the music, and the perfect flowers to fit the theme. One may think they have everything planned, but a couple of rain drops can quickly turn things in an entirely different direction. Using some of these tips, you can create the perfect Plan B so that your wedding day goes off without a hitch – rain or shine!

  1. Book décor that brightens any situation. That beautiful wedding arch with the floral to create the perfect look can be easily moved inside when it’s time for the rain call. By booking décor that can be set indoors or outdoors, you can create the vision you had for your wedding day no matter what the weather.
  2. Have fun with the rain. Once the rain has passed, the clouds can create lovely lighting for photos outside. Take out a “Just Married” umbrella or lace parasol and dance in the rain with the love of your life…a love so beautiful, even the skies are crying with joy!
  3. Have indoor backup décor. Moving inside is usually never as beautiful as what Mother Nature has to offer, but by having backup décor items, it can help set the ambiance in the room. Small votives to line the room or aisle, chair bows that can be easily tied at the last minute, and rose petals to line the aisle that can be set in a pinch are all great ideas in the event of rain.
  4. Make the rain call early. As much as one can hope the rain will pass, it is best to make that rain call early. Once the call is made, your florist, décor team, etc. can start setting the indoor space so you can view it and make add any finishing touches in a timely manner. It’s usually hard to make that call, but when done early, it gives couples time to accept the change and plan accordingly.
  5. Make the best of it. Rain or shine, this is one of the most important days of your life! Think of all the sunshine and rain you have to look forward to together as newlyweds. Everyone will remember the sweet vows you exchanged, no matter where they were said!

No one likes to have to make that call to move indoors in inclement weather, but when the call is made early, it helps create the perfect indoor setting for you. Your photographer, musician, and guests will thank you for allowing them to stay safe and dry!

Do you have a Plan B for the rain on your wedding day? What is your plan? Feel free to comment below and share your ideas!

If you don’t have a Plan B and need help making one, let us know how we can help! E-mail us at and we’ll get back to you right away.

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