5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding’s Color Scheme

August 1, 2015 by Just Marry!

Choosing your wedding’s color scheme can be equally fun and intimidating. There are so many options! Today we’re offering our top tips to help make choosing your color scheme a little bit easier.

  1. Consider the environment. Inspiration for your color scheme can be as easy to find as your wedding venue. Think of things like the wedding’s location, the season, and the mood you’re trying to set.
  2. Look outside the box. Inspiration can come from less likely places, too. Think of how you like to dress and how you’ve decorated your home. Go through wedding and design magazines or scour websites like Pinterest. You can even browse the paint aisle at your local home improvement store for inspiration!
  3. Consult a color wheel. One of the best resources for choosing your wedding’s color scheme is a color wheel. This is a portable planning tool that features a wide range of colors. You can design with a monochromatic color scheme, complementary color scheme, or an analogous color scheme. The best thing about using a tool like this is you can take it with you to planning appointments with your design vendors.
  4. Think of where your color(s) will be used. Some wedding elements that typically incorporate your theme color include bridal party attire, linens, lighting, flowers, stationery, and even favors. While all of these are great ways to infuse your signature color into your special day, don’t feel that everything needs to include it. Sometimes it’s best to just have pops of your color as an accent.
  5. What you shouldn’t worry about. Don’t worry about the colors you find in your ceremony and reception sites. You don’t have to match the carpet or the walls, and chairs can be covered or replaced with rentals. No matter the location, you can work around it to include your wedding’s color scheme.

Bonus tip: think of colors that look good on most people (jewel tones are usually great), since your wedding party will likely be wearing it. Most importantly, choose a color that you love. That way, you’re wedding day will truly reflect you!

Have you chosen your wedding’s color scheme? Let us know how you decided on it!

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