Choosing the Perfect Attire for Your Wedding Attendants | Shopping

October 16, 2019 by Just Marry!

Choosing the Perfect Attire for Your Wedding Attendants | Shopping

Nearlyweds, are you trying to decide what your wedding attendants should wear on your big day? With photographers shooting your event from every angle, you’ll want everyone looking their absolute best! Today I’m chatting all about shopping and choosing the perfect attire for your wedding attendants. From color to dress code, read on to learn all of my top tips and advice!


One way to narrow down what your wedding attendants wear is by selecting a color that fits your wedding day. You could tie their attire into your color scheme and create a beautiful look with your wedding attendants standing by your side in all your photos!

When choosing a color for your groomsmen, think about the time of day. Is it going to be hot and outdoors? Then you may want to opt for tan or gray suits versus black which will attract the heat from the sun.

For the ladies, keep in mind what colors look best on everyone. Will the color wash out your bridal attendants in photos? Will it be too bright and take away the focus from you and your spouse in photos? These are all great things to keep in mind!

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As I mentioned, weather should be a factor in what you and your wedding attendants wear. The setting is another aspect to think about. If you’re having your wedding in a beach setting, perhaps something cool such as linen pants or Hawaiian shirts for the guys could be an option. For the ladies, short bridesmaid dresses and something breezy may be most comfortable!

Just think of the benefits to this attire choice. Your wedding attendants may actually have the opportunity to wear these casual outfits again! Comfort is a great thing when it comes to wedding attire, and the beachy look can make for some fun photos.

Will it be cold and snowy? Consider suits for the men and long dresses with shawls or wraps for the bridesmaids. If you have a winter theme, this will create that perfect winter wonderland look with the snow falling all around you!

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Think of the colors associated with the season your wedding will take place in when choosing attire for your wedding attendants. We see lots of bright, vibrant colors in our spring and summer months, and richer, deeper colors for the fall and winter. We even see a mix of light and darker shades of blues, greens, and pinks that work well in most seasons. The contrasts look beautiful in photos!

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Shine and sparkle can add another fun aspect to add to your wedding party’s attire! Think of bringing out any metallic accents in your wedding color scheme through the gifts you give your wedding attendants. New jewelry for the ladies or cuff links for the guys will add that pop of shimmer and keep them all looking spiffy!

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When choosing bridesmaid dresses, a trend we see is picking one color, but choosing different designs of dresses in that color for each bridesmaid. This way, your bridal attendants feel special getting to choose a new dress they like, and everyone can wear what makes them comfortable. With everyone comfortable, you’ll have bright and shining smiles in every photo!

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Choosing the Perfect Attire for Your Wedding Attendants | Shopping

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