7 Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Special at Your Wedding

May 2, 2015 by Just Marry!

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and we couldn’t let the week pass without wishing a very happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there. Having your mom involved in your wedding planning is often a wonderful thing. She can serve as a voice of experience, help you research your options, and may even foot some (or all) of the wedding bill.

While your wedding day should be all about you and your future spouse, it’s important to recognize everyone who helped make the big day possible. Today we thought we’d honor Mom with some suggestions on how to make her feel special at your wedding.

  1. Give her floral. This is the most traditional gift to mothers on the wedding day, usually given in the form of a corsage or a tussy mussy. As an alternative or extra touch, you can pause during the processional to gift your mom(s) with a single rose and a kiss.
  2. Issue a toast to her. There will be plenty of time during your reception for you to grab the mic from the DJ or tap your water glass to get the spotlight on you. When you do, say a few words of thanks about how your mother helped prepare you for this day, either in how she raised you or how she handled the planning with you. This applies to all moms/stepmoms/moms-in-law, of course!
  3. Spend time with her. Take a few moments before or during the wedding that you spend only with your mom. Talk about fun things or sentimental things…whatever suits you both. If you buy her a small gift (such as a monogrammed handkerchief to catch her tears), this would be a good time to give it to her.
  4. Arrange for special transportation. If your budget allows it, spring for a limo or chartered car to transport your mom to the ceremony and reception. You can add a bottle of champagne or other small gift as an added touch.
  5. Mention her in your program. Yes, listing her name is nice, but you could also include a special sentiment or poem specifically for her, maybe alongside a picture of the two of you.
  6. Have her give you away. Tradition dictates that your father gives you away, but you can always stray from tradition and involve Mom, too.
  7. Include something of hers in your ceremony. Whether you wear her wedding dress, include one of her broaches in your bouquet, or borrow her pearl necklace, your mom will love that you included something of hers in your big day.

Our mothers are very special people, and they deserve a little extra love and attention on their child’s wedding day. We hope all of the mothers out there have a great Mother’s Day! If you have any other thoughts on ways to recognize your mom at your wedding, please share them with us.

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