Spotlighting the Hottest 2023 Wedding Trends | The Insider

July 31, 2023 by Just Marry!

Spotlighting the Hottest 2023 Wedding Trends | The Insider

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The spotlight was on 2023 wedding trends at this year’s NACE Orlando Annual Wedding Meeting, and we were honored to be a part of it! Danielle Palmer from our team partnered with Jennifer Sharpe and the talented team at the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin and Swan Reserve to spearhead the planning for this spectacular event. Together with an incredible vendor team, they brought all the hottest wedding trends to life for the attendees to enjoy.

Among the 2023 wedding trends featured at this year’s meeting were tropical elements, Boho chic styling, classic wedding elegance, and fairytale theming. From the stunning floral provided by Emerald Gardenia to the table linens from Over the Top, no detail was overlooked. And with jaw-dropping views from the Swan Reserve’s Vue Ballroom through every window, there were WOWs throughout the event!

We asked Danielle a few questions about the planning for this meeting and she had some interesting things to share. Read on to learn more…and don’t miss our favorite photos from the event!

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Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort


Our team was honored to be a part of NACE’s “trend setting” annual meeting! Ready to learn what Danielle shared about the event and her experience while planning it? Check it out:

For those who might not know, what is NACE and why is it important in the wedding industry?

NACE (National Association for Catering and Events) is an organization that brings event industry professionals together and helps them grow in their field. It is a great way for individuals in the hospitality industry to network and build relationships. It’s also an excellent way to learn, as NACE offers educational presentations and industry panels for guests to enjoy throughout the year.

What can you share about this event, in particular?

The annual wedding meeting is meant for networking and sharing new ideas. This event is a way to showcase weddings in our industry. We get to play and have fun with the theme, décor, and entertainment. We also usually have an educational element so that we can get the conversations going about weddings and current trends.

How and why was the theme chosen?

Tropical weddings are all the rage right now, so we chose to do a citrus theme in the Vue’s foyer to tie into the venue’s citrus theming. In the Vue Ballroom, we showcased four of this year’s biggest wedding trends (tropical, Boho, fairytale, classic) in the decor to promote conversation about the topic. It was a fun way to show event professionals what they can expect to see in 2023-2024 and get people talking about the trends they are seeing!

What were some of the most popular elements among attendees?

The guests really enjoyed the citrus-themed entertainment from Noire Productions in the foyer, as well as the beautiful citrus-themed furniture setup that AFR provided on the Vue Terrace. In the ballroom, guests were in awe looking at the gorgeous, themed gowns brought by Solutions Bridal for each section of the room. I personally loved the linens from Over the Top and the florals by Emerald Gardenia. They were so fitting for each theme!

Were there any challenges during the planning?

Thankfully, I can’t say there were! Sometimes it can be tough to find sponsors for big events like this, but everyone was so eager to lend a helping hand, donate their time, services, products … it was really so wonderful! Reminds me why I love our industry so much!

How did everything go on the event day?

Everything was beautiful! The guests had such a great time, the themes were portrayed perfectly, and the details all came together seamlessly. I’m looking forward to seeing what next year’s meeting brings!


Citrus themed centerpiece topped with white floral
Citrus themed bar sign and decor
Swan Vue Ballroom sign
Bar glasses and bottles with fresh fruit
Swan Reserve's Vue Terrace
Citrus themed wedding decor and green hedge wall
Orange and green outdoor seating
Ice sculpture for NACE weddings meeting
Vue Foyer at the Swan Reserve
Noire Productions Band performance
Bartender serving a frothy orange drink
Sushi appetizer
Appetizer cones
Cheers bar sign
Reception decor
Four-tiered geometric wedding cake
Blush pink wedding place setting
2023 NACE weddings meeting
Blush pink napkin and menu
Boho Chic Wedding Menu Design
2023 NACE weddings meeting
Bridal gown against a large window
Boho Chic centerpiece with peach and white floral
Wedding reception in the Swan Reserve's Vue Ballroom
Tropical reception themed table
Tropical themed menu tucked in a light green napkin
2023 NACE weddings meeting
2023 NACE weddings meeting
2023 NACE weddings meeting
2023 NACE weddings meeting
Strip of photos at a place setting
2023 NACE weddings meeting fireworks


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Spotlighting the Hottest 2023 Wedding Trends | The Insider

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