Today’s Couples vs. Wedding Traditions and Customs | Analyzing

June 5, 2019 by Just Marry!

Today’s Couples vs. Wedding Traditions and Customs | Analyzing

We’re seeing plenty of changes in wedding traditions and customs as new generations of couples get married. As event planners, our team gets a first-hand look at how today’s couples change up wedding traditions and customs. I’m breaking it all down in this post, so be sure to read on!

Wedding Traditions and Customs - Just Marry Weddings


The parents of the bride traditionally paid for the wedding, but today’s couples are straying from that custom. Many couples want to cover some—if not all—of their wedding costs themselves. Whether it’s because they don’t want to put that financial burden on their parents or they want control of where the money goes for the wedding, couples are definitely more financially involved than before.


Decades ago, it was common to see weddings of 100 to 200+ guests. Now, things are shaking up in the guest list department. More couples are opting for smaller, intimate weddings or even elopements.

There are many reasons for this trend. Some couples see their wedding costs grow with each additional person added to their guest list, and they’d rather keep the wedding a more intimate experience with close family and friends. Some would rather the experience be about just the two of them rather than a lavish event. Whatever the reason, we’re seeing guest counts drop and don’t see this trend ending anytime soon!

Wedding Traditions and Customs - Just Marry Weddings


We mentioned in a previous post that the traditional bridal shower is becoming less common. Many couples are opting for a wedding shower attended by both the spouses-to-be or having a shower “celebration” out on the town. Another nontraditional approach to wedding showers is not having one at all.

I actually didn’t have a wedding shower. My now-husband and I didn’t want to receive gifts for our wedding. We also didn’t want to figure out traveling for a wedding shower or requiring others to travel twice for our wedding festivities. You may get weird reactions like we did since this is quite the change from wedding traditions and customs, but we’re very happy with the decision we made and we don’t regret it to this day!

Wedding Traditions and Customs - Just Marry Weddings


One tradition that’s more commonly being broken is where the couple doesn’t see each other before the ceremony. Many are opting to do a First Look on their wedding day, seeing one another and taking their wedding portraits prior to the ceremony. Some of our Just Marry! couples have even chosen to forgo the anticipation of the First Look and are spending their wedding day together from the get-go. This allowed them to celebrate their love and marriage in a more personal way while keeping the entire day stress-free.

Wedding Traditions and Customs - Just Marry Weddings


Many wedding traditions and customs take place during the reception. The cake cutting, the bouquet toss, and the garter toss are just a few examples. Some of today’s couples are opting to forgo these traditions, or choosing not to make them a big show of the night.

For my wedding, I had a personal cake cutting where we didn’t make a spectacle of it. We didn’t have our DJ announce it, so no one crowded around to watch. It was just the two of us and our photographers there during that moment, and it was a great way to share a moment together without all eyes on us. We also didn’t include the bouquet toss or the garter toss. My husband and I were uncomfortable with the idea of the garter removal, and we just didn’t feel like those traditions were necessary to our wedding.

Whatever you decide to do when it comes to wedding traditions, always remember that it’s your wedding, so you can include (or not include) whatever traditions you’d like. Have the wedding that you and your spouse-to-be will enjoy and remember for a lifetime!


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Today’s Couples vs. Wedding Traditions and Customs | Analyzing

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