Wedding Planning 911: I Can’t Get a Reception Send-off Approved!

July 24, 2016 by Just Marry!

In the process of working with our couples, we sometimes come across rules and restrictions at some venues that we don’t encounter at others. It’s our job to help our couples work within those rules to achieve the wedding of their dreams. One example of how we had to troubleshoot a policy issue happened recently with a couple working with Creative Director Jennifer Haskell.

“I’m working with a bride who really wants a fun and beautiful wedding send-off,” Jennifer explained, “but she can’t seem to get anything approved! Sparklers are a no-go according to Disney’s rules, and confetti, petals, or dried lavender weren’t approved by the venue. She’s been so disappointed!

So, I had this idea in my mind and to my luck, it was on Pinterest…a balloon exit! The venue is completely on board and the couple couldn’t be happier.”

What a great idea! Some other send-offs that might work if the traditional options don’t could be having your guests play tambourines or chimes, or giving them party noise-makers or glowing wands to wave. One idea I love is having your guests write messages of love on pieces of paper and fold them into airplanes, which they then toss into the air as you leave. Your attendants can collect them for you to read later. So sweet!

Are you interested in having an Orlando destination wedding or working with a wedding planner to help you troubleshoot any issues along the way? Just leave us a comment or e-mail us at and we’ll get started on your planning right away!

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