Wedding Planning 101: The Personal Wedding Item Checklist

May 30, 2015 by Just Marry!

The scope of planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and there are often times when important details get overlooked. To help prevent any oversights at the Day-of and Full Service weddings we work, we give our couples a document we call a Personal Item Checklist. Today, we’re sharing it with all of our followers!

Before the big day, determine who will take care of each of the following, and be sure to give them specific directions about what you want done:

The Ceremony

Unity ceremony items

Guest book and pen

Leftover programs

Pew decorations

Flower arrangements

Ring bearer pillow(s)

Flower girl basket(s)

Other décor (please specify)

The Reception

Leftover personalized items (napkins, menus, table cards, etc.)

Leftover favors

Leftover tossing items and their container (birdseed, sparklers, bubbles, etc.)

Disposable cameras—how many did you start with? ________

Toasting goblets

Cake knife and server

Cake topper

Top layer of cake

Cake “parts”

Leftover cake other than the cake top (including groom’s cake)


Flower arrangements other than centerpieces

Bridal bouquet

Money bag, card box, bird cage or other such receptacle

Wedding gown

Groom’s tuxedo

Any CDs that you provided (please specify)

Wedding gifts

Family photos


Kiddish cup

Leftover glass shards from glass-breaking ceremony

Other (please specify)

If we’re working with you, the odds are that we’ll be handling all of this. If we’re not, we still don’t want anything to go overlooked on your big day, so we hope this proves helpful!

Are there any personal items you think we should add to the list?

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