Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for the 2021 Bride | Shopping

November 18, 2020 by Just Marry!

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for the 2021 Bride | Shopping

Today I’m excited to share my best wedding dress shopping tips for the 2021 bride! After you’ve gotten engaged, set a date, and picked a venue, it’s time to find the perfect wedding dress. This is a once in a lifetime experience, so it’s a good idea to do a little preparation first. Follow these tips to have an amazing time choosing your perfect wedding dress!

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips - Just Marry Weddings


#1 - Have a Price in Mind

Before you start your dress shopping, it’s important to have a budget in mind. Then you should only try on dresses within that budget! Don’t forget to budget for alterations too, which cost about $500 on average. If you don’t end up needing that many alterations, consider that a bonus in your budget you can spend on something else for your wedding day!

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips - Just Marry Weddings

#2 -Research Different Styles and Trends

Before you start your wedding dress shopping, it’s a good idea to research what’s popular right now. Perhaps your dress shop has an online store where you can view their top styles. That would be a great place to start! While you may think you’re leaning towards a certain style, you may end up leaving with something completely different, and that’s okay! At the end of the day, the way your dress feels on you is what matters most!

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips - Just Marry Weddings

#3 - Make an Appointment

Among the most important wedding dress shopping tips is setting an appointment. Most wedding dress boutiques work with brides on an appointment basis only, so do your research and make an appointment in advance. For me, I went to one store which had a very large inventory, so I didn’t feel the need to make another appointment at a different store. I found the dress of my dreams at my first and only appointment! You should also make sure that your boutique allows guests, and how many they allow, especially during these COVID times.

#4 - Only Bring Who YOU Want

On that note, while it may be tempting to bring your whole bride tribe, more people means more opinions. While it may be nice to have some input from others, it is ultimately YOUR wedding gown! Bring one or two people close to you for support to your actual appointment. If you need any alterations, there will be plenty more appointments that your bridesmaids or close friends can attend. It also makes the big day that much more special as you reveal your dress to everyone!

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips - Just Marry Weddings

#5 - Buy a Dress That Fits You Now

Another of my favorite wedding dress shopping tips is setting aside preconceptions about gown sizes before your appointment. Wedding dress sizes are quite different than normal dress sizes, so it can be a little disappointing when your stylist tells you what size you are. It might feel like a good idea to get a size smaller than you are currently to motivate yourself to lose weight for the wedding, but it definitely is not a good idea! Choose a dress that fits comfortably now, and you can alter it as needed later on if needed. It is much easier and cost-effective to take a dress in than bring it out!

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips - Just Marry Weddings

#6 - Trust Your Instincts

At the end of the day, your wedding dress is YOURS. If you feel like a dress is The One, it probably is! If you try on ten beautiful dresses and you don’t feel like you found the perfect one, then don’t just pick one for the sake of picking one. Make another appointment at a different store, or at the same store on a different day, and try on dresses until you feel confident about your choice. You will absolutely know when you’ve picked the right one, and should trust your instincts at all times when wedding planning!

#7 - Take Pictures

Wedding dress shopping can be a whirlwind experience, surrounded by so many beautiful gowns! Make sure you or someone shopping with you takes photos, especially if you find “The One.” Even if you don’t want to show others just yet, it’s good to have photos for your reference when picking out shoes, accessories, or a veil.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips - Just Marry Weddings


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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for the 2021 Bride | Shopping

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