Wedding DIY Series Week 8: Personalized Marriage Appreciation Gift

November 29, 2015 by Just Marry!

Welcome to Craft with ME! In this series of posts, Just Marry!’s Creative Director, Jennifer Haskell, demonstrates how she earned her crown…er, title. Follow this series to pick up some handy DIY tips specializing in the Cricut DIY tool, and learn how to craft wedding elements that will WOW your guests and take your wedding to the next level!

Personalized Marriage Appreciation Gift

Thinking of hosting a Marriage Appreciation dance at your wedding? Conduct a bit of secretive research and find out which couple may win the pot. Then you can create a vinyl decal with your Cricut to personalize any number of items to celebrate the year that couple shared their own vows. Imagine their delight when you present it to them at the wedding!

Materials Needed:

Platform (Gift) to personalize with the couple’s names and est. year

Vinyl (in your color choice)

Crafting mat



Measure the amount of space you will need to cover from your gift platform.

Using your design board, add their last name Initial and their last name.

Weld the two of these together so that when they overlap, it cuts out as one piece.

Add the est. and year to your design board so it will cut on one sheet.

Attach the grouping together and sent to cut.

Add the vinyl to the crafting mat.

Begin your project! 

Make sure to find the center of your project before you begin transferring the vinyl to your project.

Appreciation Gift Pic #1 Appreciation Gift Pic #2 Appreciation Gift Pic #3 Appreciation Gift Pic #4

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