Dishing on Wedding DIY: What Works and What (Really) Doesn’t | Organizing

February 24, 2021 by Just Marry!

Dishing on Wedding DIY: What Works and What (Really) Doesn’t | Organizing

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Nearlywed, are you considering including some wedding DIY among your décor elements? Perhaps you want to channel your inner Martha Stewart or Joanna Gaines and are thinking of making some of your wedding decorations. With so many inspiration sites like Pinterest, wedding DIY is becoming increasingly popular!

DIY decorations can be fun and show off your artistic talents, but which projects are worth DIYing and which are better off leaving to a professional for your day? I’ve got all the tips and insider information on what works and doesn’t for your DIY wedding creations. Read on to learn more!

Wedding DIY - Just Marry Weddings


There are plenty of wedding DIY elements perfect for you to tackle on your own! If you’re changing your last name or want to show off that you are the “Bride” or “Groom,” for example, you might want to include things such as customized chair signs for your sweetheart table or signs with your new last name.

Elements such as table numbers, escort cards, or menus also make good wedding DIY projects. You might also want to DIY personal items such as shoe stickers, favors, or welcome bags. DIY can be a cost-effective way of supplying any of these items if you have a crafty side!

Wedding DIY - Just Marry Weddings
Wedding DIY - Just Marry Weddings


When it comes to centerpieces and arbors, I recommend leaving them to the professionals (unless the design includes only one or two simple pieces that are easy to transport and set up). Arbors are usually bulky and take a lot of time to set up, and centerpieces can be quite involved. Identifying someone to set these items up and take them down can be stressful on the big day. You and your guests should be focused on getting ready and enjoying every moment!

I once worked with a couple who shipped DIY centerpieces ahead of time for their reception. Following the reception, the couple ended up donating all the personal pieces from their day because the shipping cost was more than they anticipated. When it comes to large items like centerpieces and arbors, rental costs and labor fees to hire professionals often end up the same or less than DIY shipping fees!

Wedding DIY - Just Marry Weddings


Shipping & Storage

As I mentioned above, the cost of shipping wedding DIY items should always be taken into consideration when deciding whether to do them. Finding a way to transport all of your luggage, attire, and wedding decorations can be a challenge in itself!

Aside from cost, you also have to think about where your wedding DIY items will be stored after the wedding. Those personalized items I mentioned can make beautiful décor touches for your home. But bulky items like welcome signs specific to the event or large centerpieces can take up a lot of space you might not have.

Wedding DIY - Just Marry Weddings


DIY projects typically take up quite a bit of time. Wedding planning is already stressful, so adding DIY projects to your task list might not be the wisest choice! My tip for you is to complete any wedding DIY projects early on so you can relax leading up to the wedding day. No one wants to be down to the wire handling these projects right before their wedding!


Someone needs to be responsible for setting up any wedding DIY elements you decide to include. I don’t recommend asking someone from your wedding party, your family, or your other guests to handle this, as they need time to get ready and enjoy the day. Instead, I recommend setting aside some of your budget to pay a professional to handle this. Be sure you have a plan in place well before the wedding so you can just relax and enjoy the fruits of your DIY labor on your big day!

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Want more advice for handling décor elements and wedding DIY items? We’ve got you covered! Watch our handy video below and check out some of our previous posts on this and related topics for all the wedding inspiration you’ll need:


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Dishing on Wedding DIY: What Works and What (Really) Doesn’t | Organizing

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