Wedding Day Emergency Kit Must-Haves

October 25, 2017 by Just Marry!

Wedding Day Emergency Kit Must-Haves

The bride is about to walk down the aisle when a strand of her hair suddenly slips out from her up-do. With a panicked look, she turns to anyone around – her maid of honor, her mother, her wedding planner. Having an emergency kit on-site for the most important day of someone’s life is crucial, as you can never be too prepared for any situation that day. The big question for most is – what should you include in it?

No one can predict what might be needed in a split second on the wedding day, but after coordinating thousands of weddings, we’ve got a pretty good idea! An emergency could ruin the event for some couples, and that’s the last thing we want. Having these items on-hand could save the day:

  1. Items That Help the Bride Look Her Best. The whole day has been spent primping and priming, so anything that helps keep that look in place is key. Bobby pins, hairspray, touch-up makeup, eyelash glue, nail files, tweezers, blotting papers, and makeup wipes are all essentials…so keep them handy!
  2. Floral Fixer-Uppers. The floral has arrived and you have a boutonniere instead of a wrist corsage for the mother of the groom. Have no fear, some ribbon can turn that right into a wrist corsage in a pinch! In any emergency kit, one should always have thick and thin ribbon in both white and ivory, pins, floral tape, floral clippers, and hot glue.
  3. Something to Fix a DIY Disaster. With so many décor elements having to be set, something is bound to need a little TLC, especially if it has gone through a bit of travel. Hot glue can also come in handy here, as well as tape, scissors, string, and any other useful items that can help tack something back together in case of an emergency.
  4. Wardrobe 911 Items. We’ve seen our fair share of having to fix attire on the big day. Things to have on-hand: safety pins, a sewing kit, and extra buttons in case a suit jacket is missing one or a dress zipper breaks. Tide to Go is another great item to have for those pesky spills that happen!
  5. Smell-Good Must-Haves. It’s a wedding, so there’s bound to be kissing, right? The couple may want to pop a mint or two before walking down the aisle, so it’s great to have a package of those. Spray deodorant, perfume, and cologne are also good things to have in case it was forgotten or it’s extra hot that day.

It never hurts to be too prepared. These are just a few essentials that will help avert any crisis that comes up, and hopefully with wonderful planning, you won’t need them!

If you don’t want to stress about wedding day emergencies, let us bring our emergency kits and take care of everything! E-mail us at so we can discuss how we can help you on your big day.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit Must Haves

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