8 Fun Ways to Incorporate Your Wedding Color Scheme | Discovering

October 9, 2019 by Just Marry!

8 Fun Ways to Incorporate Your Wedding Color Scheme | Discovering

Nearly-weds, are you wondering about the best ways to showcase your wedding color scheme? Never fear! I’m here to help make sure that the amazing colors you chose will be seen! Read on for some fun and funky ways you can include your wedding color scheme in your celebration!

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One of the easiest ways to incorporate your wedding color scheme is through your floral. The possibilities with beautiful, vibrant floral are endless! Floral sprays and centerpieces are just some options to bring your wedding color scheme to life. The best part about floral is that you can easily repurpose it from one space to another, giving you added value from your investment!

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Incorporating your wedding color scheme into your attire is a classic choice. If you’re wearing a suit, wear a colored suit to match your color scheme, like navy or burgundy. For a more subtle look, try a colored tie or vest. If you’re wearing a dress, go bold and wear an all-over colored dress! If subtlety is more your style, incorporate your color scheme with a colored sash or shoes. And, of course, have your wedding party wear your wedding colors to really round out the look!

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Introduce your guests to your wedding color scheme by including it in your stationery. Colored paper, ink, or borders on your stationery is a great way to tease what’s yet to come! Take it to the next level by incorporating it into your envelope color and stamps too!

Don’t stop after the RSVPs. Use the same stationery design for your signage at the wedding (seating chart, anyone?) and finish it out with matching thank you cards.

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Furniture can be an unexpected color source, adding pops of hue that complement your wedding’s color scheme. Switch to colored chairs instead of white or black at your ceremony and/or reception, or rent colorful velvet chaises and couches that match your color scheme and incorporate a few lounge areas during your cocktail hour and reception!

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Your reception is where your color scheme can really shine! Centerpieces are a popular way to bring out your wedding color scheme, but keep it going by incorporating it more into your table design!

Go bold by using colored table linens, like tablecloths, table runners, and napkins for a pop of color. Accent them with tableware, glassware, chargers, and napkin rings that go along with your wedding color scheme. You can even switch it up by going neutral on the linens and using your “table accessories” as your bold pops of color!

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Another great way to incorporate your wedding color scheme is by adding some color to your cake design. Bring the fun by utilizing colorful frosting, flowers, or other garnishes to your cake to really add personality (and color!) to your reception.

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Create an inviting bar by decorating it with your wedding color scheme! Utilizing floral or bold colors on the bar’s design can really bring out your color palette. Take it one step further by having a signature cocktail that also matches your wedding colors! Garnishes like fruit, straws, paper drink umbrellas, and herb leaves can also add fun color to your cocktails.

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Leave a lasting impression with your guests by having them take something home that incorporates your wedding color scheme! Try to choose favors that match your color scheme, i.e. colorful candles, candies, etc. If you can’t find anything that matches, wrap them in box or gift bag that matches your color scheme.

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We love helping clients develop the perfect wedding color scheme, and we’ve written a number of posts related to this topic! Check out some of these past posts where we provide our best tips on what colors are trending and where to find inspiration:


Would you like some help creating your wedding color scheme? We’d love to welcome you into the Just Marry! family! If you’re looking for a wedding planner or would like to speak with one of us, e-mail us at info@justmarry.com and we’ll get back to you right away. We’d be happy to customize a planning option that will allow you to enjoy every moment of your planning and your wedding day!

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8 Fun Ways to Incorporate Your Wedding Color Scheme | Discovering

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