Weather Woes: Preparing a Plan B for Your Outdoor Wedding

May 24, 2016 by Just Marry!

Here in Orlando, hurricane season is upon us. No, this doesn’t mean that we have hurricanes every other weekend (usually. Ahem 2005). What this means is that hurricanes are more likely between June and November and we all need to be prepared for inclement weather.

What we typically encounter this time of year aren’t dangerous gales, however, but sporadic afternoon rain showers. Couples often don’t believe us when we tell them that it can (and will) sometimes rain without a single cloud visible in the sky. It can also be perfectly clear one minute and then down-pouring five minutes later. While this is hardly a natural disaster, couples who planned to get married outside may just think of it that way!

The hardest thing we have to do as wedding planners is tell a couple that we have to pull the wedding inside. Couples all react differently to the news, some with anger or tears and others with smiles and shrugs. If you’d prefer to be among the second group of couples, you’ll want to make sure you have a good Plan B in the event of bad weather (regardless of where you’re getting married).

Here are some things you should consider:

  1. The venue. The easiest start to your Plan B should be choosing a venue that has an acceptable rain backup. If you don’t like the backup, consider other venue options so you’re not disappointed if the ceremony is brought inside.
  2. The rain call. Ask your wedding coordinator when the rain call will be made and prepare yourself for it. The call is usually scheduled to happen early so that the venue and your vendors have time to set everything up in the correct location. Keep in mind that no one can control the weather, and we’re going to err on the side of caution so you don’t get drenched on your wedding day. Also note that it’s not usually possible to delay your wedding in hopes the weather will change. Vendors often have more than one wedding per day and have tight schedules.
  3. The décor. Keep your indoor backup in mind when you make your décor decisions. You may think that the gorgeous outdoor spot you chose looks great as it is and doesn’t need any additional decoration, but what will you do if the ceremony is brought indoors?
  4. The entourage. It’s so important to have the love and support of your family and friends if the weather isn’t cooperating. Having that positivity will make it easier for you to handle.
  5. The vendors. Even if you’re willing to go out and get soaked to have your wedding outside, your vendors may not be able to do so. Musicians, for example, can’t have their expensive instruments and equipment out in the rain, nor can they easily move them if a pop-up shower occurs. Your officiant can’t have the ceremony documentation and your marriage license out in the rain either. Face it…it’s just not practical to get married in a downpour!
  6. The guests. Remember that although your wedding day is all about you, you have guests to consider. Do you really want them to have to stand outside in miserable weather? Thinking of others can often make your Plan B a no-brainer.

We always do our best to make sure your wedding is the fun and festive event it’s supposed to be, whether it’s outside in. Preparing yourself ahead of time for any eventuality will help make sure you fully enjoy the happiest day of your lives. In the end it isn’t about the setting of your big day, it’s about the vows of love you make to each other!

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