Top 15 Questions to Ask on Your Venue Site Tour | Shopping

September 18, 2019 by Just Marry!

Top 15 Questions to Ask on Your Venue Site Tour | Shopping

Once you’ve narrowed down your wedding venue options, it’s time to schedule a site tour with your top three. It’s likely your wedding planner or the on-site catering manager will conduct each site tour, and they should have all the details you might need. However, there are some vital questions you’ll want to make sure get answered before you make your decision!

If you haven’t already discussed some of these questions with the venue or your planner, the best time to ask is at the site tour. Read on to learn the Top 15 questions I get asked during site tours, and what information I think is crucial for you to know.

15 Questions to Ask on Your Venue Site Tour - Just Marry Weddings


#1 - What is the weather backup space?

This is one of the most popular and important questions to ask when planning a wedding, especially in the ever-so-unpredictable Orlando area. You’re going to want to hear something along the lines of, “Of course! A backup space is included in your site fee.” Ask if you can see the backup space, which may help you determine the time of year for which you want to plan your wedding.

If a backup space isn’t included, you’ll want to ask what is advised or what couples have done in the past in the event of inclement weather. You should also ask the protocol for making the weather call…if the venue makes it automatically, if you get to decide, how many hours in advance it’s made, what percentage of rain chance determines it, etc.

#2 - How far out can we secure our date?

Knowing this answer will help you budget, create Save the Dates, inform family and friends, get your vendors secured, etc. On average, a year in advance is going to be the response you’ll hear, which is the sweet spot for planning!

#3 - What is the deposit amount and required future payments?

This is good to know for budgeting purposes and to know what you may not get back if you have to cancel your wedding for any reason. Typically, the deposit is non-refundable, something to ask and keep in mind.

Wedding site tour question #3

#4 - What's included in the site fee?

Site fees can include everything from guest seating to wedding planning services. Again, this is a helpful question to ask for budgeting reasons; you’ll need to know what you might have to bring in yourself or from an outside vendor. Also, find out how many hours are included in the fee so you know how long your event can run. This will give you an overall picture of what you’re actually getting for what you’re paying!

#5 - What is your occupancy limit?

If your guest count may continuously increase throughout the planning process, this is an important answer to know! Not only does the occupancy limit establish the guest count you’ll need to stay under, but it helps keep your guest list (and overall budget) contained.

#6 - What is the Food and Beverage minimum?

For those of you planning a cocktail hour and/or reception, you’ll want to know the minimum amount you’ll have to spend on F&B to host your wedding celebration at the venue. You’ll also want to ask about other costs you might incur as far as outside fees or upgrades, etc.

Questions for Your Wedding Venue Site Tour - Just Marry Weddings

#7 - Can I choose my own wedding planner and vendors?

If you’re already working with a planner or planning company like Just Marry!, it’s critical to ask the venue this question! You should also find out what regulations they have for wedding vendors if you’re not working with a planner who already knows. You may be required to use the venue’s preferred vendor list only, or you may be able to bring in any vendor you wish as long as they have insurance, etc.

#8 - Is there a noise ordinance?

A noise ordinance is common in Orlando, and typically requires that events occurring outdoors end around 10pm, give or take an hour. You’ll want to know this as you develop your timeline for the day, and note when you’ll have to turn down the music and most likely end your event.

#9 - Is there a getting ready room on site?

Find out what options you may have for getting ready at the venue. Some venues include a bridal suite, others don’t even have access to one. Also, ask if there’s a fee, if there’s a specific guarantee window of time to request it, what’s included in the room, etc.

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#10 - What is the parking situation for guests?

Is there a parking fee? If so, what is it? Will your guests have to pay for this fee themselves, or can you set up an account to cover it for them?

#11 - Where are the restrooms?

Maybe this should be questions number one! This is one of those questions that people often forget to ask; however, unless you’re at a hotel or resort, you need to know how accessible the restrooms are. You might even have to rent portable potties!

#12 - Do you do more than one wedding per day?

You’ll want to know if you could run into another couple by accident. Our team knows that if this is a potential situation, we do everything we can not to have events interfere with each other; however, there are venues that allow it, so you’ll want to be prepared for this.

Site Tour Question #12 - Just Marry Weddings - Ashley Jane Photography

#13 - Is a rehearsal included?

A rehearsal may be something you’ll have to pay an additional fee to host. Not all venues offer it…for intimate weddings, especially. Rehearsals are typically inexpensive, but again for budgeting purposes, it’s always good to know!

#14 - How will guests be directed to the ceremony?

Our team personally escorts guests from the venue’s front lobby or main entrance area to the ceremony location, then on to the cocktail hour and/or reception. Even if your venue will have staff assisting your guests, you may want signage for any guests who stray!

#15 - What are some nearby places to stay?

If your wedding isn’t taking place in a hotel where you and your guests will be staying, it might be helpful to request recommendations of nearby hotels where you can either book a room block for your guests or refer your guests to book their rooms there.

Site Tour Question #15 - Just Marry Weddings


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Top 15 Questions to Ask on Your Venue Site Tour | Shopping

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