Valentine’s Wedding Inspiration | Just Marry!’s Most Romantic Wedding Moments

February 14, 2020 by Just Marry!

Valentine’s Wedding Inspiration | Just Marry!’s Most Romantic Wedding Moments

It’s Valentine’s Day, and we couldn’t help but be inspired by the idea of a Valentine’s wedding! Although we’ve helped plan a number of weddings on Valentine’s Day over the years, many of our most romantic wedding moments actually took place at other times of year. As we like to say, every day is the perfect day for love!

I’ve asked our planning team to share what they considered the most romantic wedding moments they’ve experienced so far. It was challenging to narrow it down to just one when we get the joy of witnessing so many love stories in our jobs! But we dug deep and came up with our top romantic moments.

We hope these stories inspire you, whether you’re planning a Valentine’s wedding or just dreaming of marrying the love of your life. Enjoy!

Valentine's Wedding Inspiration - Just Marry Weddings


Susan’s moment: My most romantic wedding moment was at Angeline and Steven’s wedding at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel earlier this month. They wrote their own vows, but they decided to say them to each other away from the rest of the wedding guests after the ceremony. They wanted that moment to themselves. They had the photographer and videographer capture the moment so they could reflect on it in the future. We were all in tears! They were so sweet together.

Photographer: Regina Hyman

Valentine's Wedding Inspiration - Just Marry Weddings - Regina Hyman Photography


Danielle’s moment: I’ll never forget Kyra and Tommy’s wedding at The Alfond Inn. The groom couldn’t stop tearing up at the sight of his bride, and there wasn’t a dry eye during their first look – including on our team!! It was so incredibly sweet seeing how he just adored Kyra and how he was in awe over how beautiful she looked. It truly touched our hearts!

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Photographer: Jessi Caparella, J Photography

Valentine's Wedding Inspiration - Just Marry Weddings - Jessi Caparella Photography


Kerrigan’s moment: Madeline and Federico came from very different backgrounds and cultures. They thought it was important to represent these cultures and traditions in their wedding to combine each other’s heritages, so they followed ceremony traditions for Greek, Columbian, and Jewish cultures. This was such a sweet and intimate moment between the couple while also including their family and friends! There was so much love and support for them as they started their new journey together.

Photographer: Cricket’s Photography

Valentine's Wedding Inspiration - Just Marry Weddings - Cricket's Photography


Jessica’s moment: Mine isn’t a moment at a wedding so much as the couple’s love story. Candice and Steven met when Candice was on holiday in New York City from Australia. It was love at first sight! They maintained a long-distance relationship for a while, then they took turns living in Australia and New York, eventually settling down in New York City. They got married at the WDW Swan and Dolphin Resort surrounded by their closest friends and family, some of which came all the way from Australia to celebrate with them. Their love was so pure and sweet, and their loved ones were so elated for them! Their love story is something you just don’t see every day; they knew they were meant to be the moment they met!

Photographer: Chapman Photography

Valentine's Wedding Inspiration - Just Marry Weddings - Chapman Photography


Mairead’s moment: My most romantic wedding was one of the first weddings where I assisted, Samantha and David’s wedding at Celebration Golf Club. The Just Marry! team had some time to get to know the groom while we waited for guests and his bride to arrive. During this time, you could tell how much he loved his soon-to-be bride. The moment he saw Samantha walk out the doors, he became overwhelmed with happiness! His face said it all. It’s safe to say there wasn’t one dry eye during this wedding!

Photographer: Once Upon a Wedding

Valentine's Wedding Inspiration - Just Marry Weddings - Once Upon a Wedding Photography


Leanna’s moment: The most romantic wedding I’ve had the pleasure of working touched my heart in many ways. The first was when we faced bringing the wedding inside and Portofino bride Lisa shrugged it off and said, “As long as I get to marry Claudio, I’ll be a happy woman!” It melted my heart to be reminded of the true reason for the wedding day. I also loved that Lisa and Claudio involved the children wherever they could – like having a rose unity ceremony and having Claudio dance with each of his girls during the reception for a few minutes. I mean, grab the tissues! And when Lisa read her vows to the children, stating that she not only was accepting this man into her life but all of his beautiful children, there wasn’t a single dry eye in the crowd!

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Photographer: Rhodes Studios

Valentine's Wedding Inspiration - Just Marry Weddings - Rhodes Studios


My moment: I’ll never forget Kimberly and Scott’s wedding at the WDW Swan and Dolphin Resort! The heat index was about 120 degrees Fahrenheit…the hottest day I ever remember! The heat did nothing to diminish the love this couple had for each other, however. Scott dressed in his military finest, making the perfect “prince” to Kimberly’s elegant princess style. They also included their two dogs, a couple of rescues from Hurricane Katrina, in their ceremony. These two couldn’t keep their eyes off each other!

Photography: Katie Rose

Valentine's Wedding Inspiration - Just Marry Weddings - Kate Rose Photography


McCall’s moment: My most romantic moment thus far was one of my very first events! Clara and Jaime celebrated their 20th anniversary at the WDW Swan and Dolphin Resort. They were there with their close family and friends and their daughter, Laura, who was the MOH. Clara and Jaime’s love for each other was palpable, and seeing that after 20 years of marriage took my breath away! It’s easy to see the love in newlyweds, but to see it so present after life had thrown them curve ball after curve ball was something I will never forget. After exchanging the sweet vows they wrote for each other, they turned to their daughter and spoke to her from their hearts. It was simply beautiful!

Photographer: Everlasting Photography

Valentine's Wedding Inspiration - Just Marry Weddings - Everlasting Photography


Whether or not you’re planning a Valentine’s wedding, we’re sure you’ll be inspired by some of our previous posts! Check out more real wedding stories and some of our best wedding planning tips and tricks below:


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Valentine’s Wedding Inspiration | Just Marry!’s Most Romantic Wedding Moments

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