Top 25 Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Reception Site

April 28, 2017 by Just Marry!

Choosing a Reception SiteWhether you’re hosting your wedding all in one location or two separate venues, you’re ultimately going to have to choose a place for the reception. We’re here to equip you with all of the right questions to ask to guide you in making this important decision. Here’s what you need to know:


  1. What is your site fee?
  2. What does that fee include?
  3. Is that fee negotiable if I hire my own wedding planner, meet a certain food and beverage minimum, and/or have my wedding on an off-peak day or time?
  4. How much is the initial deposit and what is the payment schedule thereafter?


  1. Do you have availability on my wedding date?
  2. What times and reception spaces are available?

Space details:

  1. How many guests can you accommodate?
  2. Are you flexible in how I want to arrange the space?
  3. How far from my ceremony site are you located?
  4. Do you offer transportation for my guests to and from the venue?
  5. Will my reception be the only one at your venue on that date/time? If not, how will you keep my event separate?
  6. What are your power allowances and are there additional fees for power usage?
  7. How many restrooms are there and where are they in relation to my reception space?
  8. Is the site handicap accessible?

Policies and procedures:

  1. What restrictions or requirements do I need to be aware of?
  2. Is outside food and beverage permitted?
  3. Can you accommodate specific dietary needs?
  4. Who handles the event setup and breakdown?
  5. Can I hire any vendors I want, or do you have set vendors?
  6. Do wedding vendors require special insurance to work here? If so, what are they?
  7. Do you carry liability insurance?
  8. Prior to the event time, how long will my vendors have to set up?
  9. Are there any parking fees?
  10. Are you licensed to serve alcohol?
  11. What is your cancellation policy?

Once you have all of the answers to these important questions, you’ll be able to weigh everything along with things like the look of the venue, the courtesy of the staff, and the menu options so you can pick the venue that’s perfect for your wedding reception. We can’t wait to hear all about which one you choose!

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