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October 31, 2018 by Just Marry!

It’s Halloween, so of course we have to talk about themed wedding ideas in today’s Inside Double Scoop! Whether you’re planning on hosting a Halloween themed wedding or a different wedding theme, there really is no wrong direction to go. We suggest that you choose something that means the most to you as a couple and roll with it. You can make your chosen wedding theme as over-the-top or subtle and elegant as you’d like!

Here are just a few themed wedding ideas for you based off of weddings we have had the pleasure of planning over the past couple years:

Romance themed weddings. Orlando is The City Beautiful and home to the most magical place on Earth. What better way to embrace all of that than a romance wedding theme? (Photo Credit: Jesse Giles, Cricket’s Photography, Victoria Angela)

Dr. Who themed weddings. Where are all of you Whovians? We know you’re out there because we have planned more than our share of Dr. Who themed weddings! There are so many ways you can capture this popular Sci-Fi theme, but one of our favorites is incorporating a TARDIS as part of the décor. It’s so iconic! (Photo Credit: Ginger Midgett Photography)

Disney themed weddings. Our couples have the most fun with this wedding theme, doing everything from bringing Disney props with them from across the ocean to inviting Mickey and Minnie to attend their weddings with them. Whatever Disney theme you want to incorporate in your wedding, we can help you bring it to life! (Photo Credit: Danielle Taufer, Cricket’s Photography, Tab McCausland)

Greenery themed weddings. One of the hottest trends in 2018 was the use of greenery in wedding décor. This is such a lush and natural look that creates phenomenal photos. We hope this trend is here to stay! (Photo Credit: Binary Flips, LLC)

Travel themed weddings. Whether you’re having an Orlando destination wedding or you live in the Orlando area, a travel or vintage travel theme is a great choice. There are so many memorable touches you can include! (Photo Credit: Rhodes Photography)

Superhero themed weddings or Marvel themed weddings. Thanks to the movie industry, comic books and superheroes have become an ingrained part of our culture. Why not draw from them for your wedding theme? (Photo Credit: Steven Miller)

Star Wars themed weddings. We couldn’t mention superheroes, Marvel themed weddings, and Dr. Who themed weddings without also mentioning Star Wars. Bring your light sabers and prepare to transport your guests to a memorable wedding at light speed! (Photo Credit: Danielle Taufer, Chapman Photography)

Music themed weddings or Rock and Roll themed weddings. You can give your guests the rock star treatment as all of you celebrate the launch of your marriage. Have a record as a guest book, walk down the red carpet instead of an aisle runner, and set up a step-and-repeat with your names on it for a VIP photo session. It will be an event you’ll never forget! (Photo Credit: Cricket’s Photography, Rhodes Photography, Al Dee Productions)

If you’re having trouble deciding on your wedding theme, check out this post on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Theme. You should also watch our video with more insights:

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Themed Wedding Ideas | Inside Double Scoop

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