Danielle Palmer


While working in the hospitality industry, Danielle quickly discovered she had a passion for people and weddings. It was at that time she knew she had made the right decision pursuing a degree in Event Management at the University of Central Florida. A natural planner, Danielle knew that weddings were exactly where she belonged. She often tells people that work for her never really feels like “work” since she loves her job so much!

When Danielle isn’t planning weddings, she can be found spending time with her family and friends, shopping, writing, and visiting her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. She enjoys learning new things about the event industry, and is constantly reading about the latest and greatest trends in weddings. She loves to learn about anything to help make her clients’ dreams come true!

“After the planning process is done and the big day has arrived, I love to watch the couple’s reactions of seeing each other as they walk down the aisle. At that moment, you can see all the love they share in just one simple expression!”