7 Tasks to Complete After the Wedding | Organizing

June 26, 2019 by Just Marry!

7 Tasks to Complete After the Wedding | Organizing

Newlyweds, are you asking, “What tasks do we have to handle after the wedding?” You may be wondering how to change your name or what to do with your wedding attire, for example. Well, don’t worry…I’m here to help!

Today, I’m sharing the top seven checklist items that should take priority before you enjoy those new gifts and photos from your big day. Making these elements a priority after the wedding will help you enjoy the rest of your journey as newlyweds more quickly, which is exactly what we want you to do!

7 Tasks to Complete After the Wedding


This process is anything but fun, but if you’re interested in changing your name after the wedding, it is necessary. This process involves a number of steps. Your social security, passport, and driver’s license name changes are going to be the first three main sources to contact once you have your certificate of marriage.

From there, you may also want to make other updates, such as your social media pages, airline rewards, your work email, service providers (i.e. car insurance, utility bills, doctor’s offices, etc.), etc. Be prepared to make some local office visits, spending time filling out documents and paying any fees that may apply to each process.


This is one of the first things you should do after the wedding (after you enjoy relaxing on your honeymoon, of course!) We suggest sending them to everyone who attended your wedding. Make personal note referencing the gifts each person blessed you with, whether it was a physical gift or something less tangible, like planning and hosting your wedding showers. If you have a lot to fill out, it’s okay to keep them short and sweet!

7 Tasks to Complete After the Wedding


Once you have your driver’s license bearing your new name, you should update your financial records: bank accounts, retirement accounts, credit cards, etc. This can either be done in-person after the wedding, or by fax or email depending upon the institution’s requirements. We recommend simply reaching out to them and asking! Also, you’ll need to update your shared household accounts mentioned earlier: car insurance documents, utility bills, doctors, etc.


I want to be a resource that reminds you not to feel ashamed to return or exchange wedding gifts after the wedding. I repeat: you should not feel ashamed about returning or exchanging wedding gifts after the wedding!

If you don’t enjoy a gift, exchange or return it so you can enjoy it. You don’t have to tell your guest that you are doing so; however, if it’s brought up in conversation, it’s best to be honest. Just let them know it wasn’t a perfect fit for your new life, but it’s the thought that counts! You can even let them know what you exchanged it for and how you’re using it in your new life. Win-win, right?

7 Tasks to Complete After the Wedding


After the wedding, return any rentals as quickly as possible so you aren’t paying extra fees. For attire you purchased, cleaning, preserving, and/or selling it should come as another priority. If you don’t do it now, it typically won’t get done. Get your dress cleaned and preserved if you’re keeping it, or cleaned and sold if not. Same goes for grooms. Either clean and utilize the tux or suit, or clean and sell it.


Hop on your vendors’ websites or the one-stop websites such as WeddingWire and The Knot and share your experience so other couples can consider your feedback for their own weddings. We love to hear from you and share posts about your big day after the wedding as much as you do!

Side note: if there were any vendors with whom you didn’t have the best experience, the best way to make them aware of that is directly with them. Reach out to the contact who worked with you first instead of posting it all over the internet. If you reach out directly, they will be more likely to sympathize with you and be forthcoming, whereas if you post it publicly, they might not be, which won’t resolve anything.

Otherwise, all vendors love to hear they’re doing a good job. If you thought they did, please let them know!


Finally, the fun part – sharing your big news to the world however you like best! Post some of those sneak peek photos from your photographer or photos some of your guests may have captured on social media or in your local newspaper. Pick your ideal way to share the news of your marriage with your friends and family. They’ll love seeing it even if they were at the wedding. People enjoy seeing happiness, and your photos will be full of joy!

7 Tasks to Complete After the Wedding

After the wedding, you might be tempted to take time off from the paperwork and practical matters, but it’s really best to handle these tasks as soon as possible. Life will only continue to speed up for you, and it will feel as though there will never be a convenient time to do these things. Trust me…when you go through other life changes (i.e. job changes, moving, opening a bank account, etc.) you’ll appreciate having everything in place for it!


Whether you’re still planning your wedding or you’ve already said, “I Do”, we’ve got lots of helpful tips and tricks to help you through the organizing phase of weddings. Check out some of these related posts for more wedding advice from the Just Marry! team:


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7 Tasks to Complete After the Wedding | Organizing

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