Talking about Money: How to Have Important Wedding Budget Conversations | Analyzing

July 29, 2020 by Just Marry!

Talking about Money: How to Have Important Wedding Budget Conversations | Analyzing

There’s just no getting around talking about money when it comes to weddings. For many of us, our wedding is one of the biggest investments we’ll ever make! Before starting your planning, it’s important to discuss the details you want most and how you plan to pay for them.

Setting a wedding budget from the start will help keep your planning organized and prevent any financial surprises. Whether it’s just you and your spouse contributing to the wedding day or you’ll have outside help, you should sit down and talk about the services that are most important to the two of you. Determine how much you want to allot towards them and lay out a clear plan and budget.

So how do you go about all of this? Here are my top tips on talking about money for your wedding!

Talking About Money - Just Marry Weddings


Some couples may know outright that there is a wedding fund set aside for them from their parents or other family members. This makes things a bit easier, but it’s important to go into this conversation with no expectations and a grateful heart.

I remember sitting with my own parents, knowing there was a wedding fund set aside. We respectfully and calmly spoke about what was in that account and dedicated for my big day. While talking about money and planning, I learned what was there to spend and considered my parent’s opinions since they would be contributing. This is an important tip – if someone is helping you with the financials of the big day, it is always well-received if you include them in the planning!

Talking About Money - Just Marry Weddings


Perhaps you haven’t been told about funds set aside for your big day, but you’d like to know if your family may be willing to contribute. This can be an awkward conversation! Don’t worry though. With our tips, we’re confident that you’ll be able to talk about money while keeping your relationship intact.

I would approach this situation with the thought that whatever assistance you ask for, you will repay. Asking parents for money is never an easy task, but knowing that you are willing to pay back the loan may put their minds at ease. Never expect something to just be given. This can make for uncomfortable conversations, damaged relationships, and disappointments in the long run.

Talking about Money - Just Marry Weddings


Go into talking about money with an open mind. Some people may contribute a large amount that covers the entire wedding, and others may only be able to give funds to help with a portion of your planning. When beginning your planning and budgeting, make sure to stay realistic. Be open-minded about money-saving solutions like adjusting your bar, cutting back services, or getting married on a less expensive day.

If you go into your planning expecting an extravagant wedding that you’d only see in the movies, you may end up with your plans not going quite as expected!

Talking About Money - Just Marry Weddings


When considering money from outside contributors, it’s important to keep in mind that things can happen and come up unexpectedly. Life emergencies may cause people to unexpectedly withdraw their contribution to your wedding budget, and that is something to plan for!

Make sure you have an “in case of emergency” fund or enough time to continue to save and make up for the funds you had initially planned. If you don’t end up having to use it, consider that a win and do something extra fun on your honeymoon with the money!


Whether or not talking about money results in financial contributions, show that you are thankful for your loved one’s support and that you appreciate them for being there to celebrate your day. In the end, no matter what you spend, you will be marrying the love of your life. Having your family members there on your big day is special in itself, and certainly more important than what money they contributed!

Talking About Money - Just Marry Weddings


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Talking about Money: How to Have Important Wedding Budget Conversations | Analyzing

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