#Squadgoals – Best Bachelorette Party T-Shirt Designs

September 11, 2017 by Just Marry!

Best Bachelorette Party

Today we’re happy to be featuring a guest post by Stacey Gavin with Farmacy Beauty! Stacey writes from the unique perspective of an eight-times bridesmaid. She decided that with all of her experience standing up with happy couples, she needed to share it with other potential wedding attendants. We’re excited that she is sharing some of her wisdom with our readers!

Read on to get some fun and creative ideas for putting together the ultimate in bachelorette attire. Take it away, Stacey!

It is almost time for your best friend’s wedding, and you know what that means – it’s time to party! A bachelorette party is one of the best ways to get old and new friends together, celebrate love and just have a great time. Who doesn’t love a good bachelorette blowout?

One of the most fun things about a pre-wedding party is the chance to get crafty with your girls. You can do all kinds of things like specialized fanny packs, water bottles and even a great set of t-shirts for the night itself. It’s amazing what people are making with simple plain white t-shirts; some great works of art are emerging all over do-it-yourself blogs and Instagram.

Check out some of these fun, and funny, designs.

Best Bachelorette Party

Keep it simple

Everyday likes the classic look of gold on white with this great Mrs. design. The word is sprayed onto a cardstock stencil, and the glittery gold stands out against the white background. For the bride, this is a quick, one-word message that lets everyone at the bar or on the street know exactly where the party can be found.

Another great way to go if you want to keep it clean and simple is the Bride; Bride Tribe. I love how quickly the message gets across with the change in color, the clean text and the little arrow at the base. It’s easy, fun and fashionable.

This design goes a bit softer with a floral background but still has that bridesmaid splash of fun with the text “I Do Crew.” If you and your team of bridesmaids love to be girly-girls and want something a little extra special, this design is for you.

Go crazy with the message

If a more complex, heavy text design appeals to you, there are some great options. This When I Sip design is a lot of fun; it is sporty, it is catchy and easy to read even from a distance. I love how it is personalized to the wedding as well. You can even yell out the words if they play the original song at the club.

Are you Harry Potter fans? You can spread the magic with this play on the story’s sports element; the bride is the seeker, and the bridesmaids are the keepers. The font is straight out of the story, and the shirts interact with one another to make any group picture awesome.

A funnier twist on the interactive T-shirts are these great tank tops that point out the bride’s personal love story while making a little jab at the bridesmaids at the same time. The idea of embracing one’s state as a living, somehow functioning nightmare is always fun, right? Maybe you do not want to harken back to a movie or tease anyone, but rather just celebrate the event for what it is, a major change for everyone involved.

This shirt design is not just lovely typography but also a classy, fun message that celebrates the love between the couple and gives your bride squad something stylish to wear. They can even wear it long after the wedding, thanks to the classic combination of colors and lovely font.

Get crafty

Want something unique to you and your crew? You can make your own t-shirts with some basic iron-on transfers or even by using a photo that’s special to you and your girls. If you are not a designer, you can check out some of the sites that sell t-shirt transfers.

For some silly designs, you can try Bridal Box. Just order a few weeks ahead of time so you have plenty of wiggle room to get these shirts done.

Want to make it truly personalized? The website Instructables has a great breakdown of how, with your computer and favorite photo, you can make exactly the shirt you want. For a bachelorette party, you will want a photo of the bride and the girls that has nice, soft lighting so it prints well and complements everyone in the frame. Also, you want something that is clear, and represents the relationship among the group as well as possible.

Once you have your photo picked out, you will need to scan it, flip it and print it according to the instructions. Other supplies include transfer paper, mod podge or glue and a hot iron.

Why not make a party out of it? Invite everyone over, put out some snacks and create all the shirts together. It can be your first adventure as the bride’s official squad.

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