Should You Have a Holiday Wedding?

December 15, 2017 by Just Marry!

Should You Have a Holiday Wedding?

It seems hard to believe, but we’ve rounded the bend of December right into the winter holiday season! We love everything about the holidays, from the festive music to the beautiful decorations throughout the city. We’re sure most everyone enjoys the holiday season, but should you have your wedding this time of year? Before you decide, consider the pros and cons:


  • It can be easier for guests to get time off. Many businesses slow down around the holidays, which means your guests might be able to more easily take time off work to attend your wedding.
  • Your theme is a no-brainer. Holiday weddings can take the guesswork out of themes and décor. If you don’t have something else in mind, simply embrace the holiday in your wedding elements!
  • Décor may be included. If you choose a venue that decorates for the holidays, you can save on floral and décor. The winter holidays usually have lots of twinkling lights, too. What a romantic touch!
  • It can keep the guest list under control. While it might be easier for people to get time off work, it can be more challenging for them to get away from family commitments around the holidays. This can help keep your guest count down, which will stretch your budget.
  • Your anniversary comes with built-in time off. Most countries offer paid time off around the winter holidays. If you have a wedding this time of year, you won’t have to worry about requesting time off to celebrate your anniversary!


  • Booking travel can be challenging. If you’re having a destination wedding or if any of your guests need to travel to your wedding, it can be costly to book and the availability may be limited. Be sure to book well in advance if possible.
  • You’ll have twice the planning to do. If you’re getting married during the holidays, you’re not only going to have to plan your wedding, but make plans for the holidays, too. That can add significantly to your planning stress.
  • It might break the budget. Many venues and vendors charge premiums to host weddings on the holidays. Keep in mind that people usually have to get paid more to work holidays and those fees will get passed along to you.
  • You’ll be sharing the attention every year. Splitting everyone’s attention between your wedding and a holiday might seem like a fun idea, but will you feel the same way every year when you and your spouse have to do the same for your anniversary?
  • Your guests will have to make tough choices. Some guests might be upset that they have to choose whether to attend your holiday wedding or participate in their treasured family traditions. If you don’t want to hear any grumbling, this might not be the best time of year for your big day!

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