Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer | Shopping

May 15, 2019 by Just Marry!

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer | Shopping

The questions to ask your wedding photographer are critical to finding one who best fits your style and budget. Personally, I think hiring the right wedding photographer is the most important task you’ll have during your wedding planning process. After all, other than your spouse, your photos are the one tangible thing that will remain after your wedding celebration! (Well, that and your wedding video, of course).

There are three things to consider when booking a wedding photographer: cost, style, and personality. Read on to learn my top five questions to ask your wedding photographer to make sure you get the best one for you!


  • #1 – What’s Your Wedding Experience?

    I’ve worked with hundreds of photographers over the years. There is a HUGE difference between an experienced wedding photographer and any other kind of photographer. A photographer can be amazing in a studio, but shooting a wedding is all about timing, organization, and working in uncontrolled conditions. For the best wedding photos, you need someone who can handle the pressure.

  • #2 – What’s Your Style?

    I’m guessing you’ve been scanning Pinterest and Instagram for wedding photos you love. You may have even found a few photographers you’d like to interview. When I suggest asking about style, I’m talking about the style in which they work. Do they shoot quickly, or take their time? Are they comfortable directing people who are shy in front of the camera (if that’s an issue for you)? Do they mind shooting large family groups, or do they prefer to grab candid shots? Consider what your wedding day is going to be like and make sure your photographer is able to accommodate your needs.

  • #3 – What’s included in your fees?

    Please, please, please make sure to understand what the photographer includes. Photography packages vary greatly. Some photographers only include unedited, low-res images and you will have to pay extra for editing and high-resolution files. Others include edited images and an album. Some may include edited images and credit towards an album. Especially when making decisions based on price, you need to compare offerings.

  • #4 – Who will be shooting my wedding?

    Some photography studios have multiple shooters. Working with a second shooter can be a great money-saving option, but you should make sure to see that photographer’s work. You want to know the style and quality of the photographer who’s going to be with you on the wedding day. Also, include the shooter’s name in your contract. Never assume you’re hiring the main photographer.

  • #5 – When will I receive my finished photos?

    Delivery times for photos can vary from sneak peeks the day after the wedding to a two-month waiting period. Make sure you know what you’re agreeing to!


Make sure all of your wedding vendors work well together. I’ve seen near-fist fights between photographers and videographers because they got in each other’s way. I’ve also known DJs who neglected to prepare photographers when a big event is taking place, leaving the photographer scrambling to get an important shot. Work with people who consider the wedding day a team effort, not someone who thinks he or she is the star of the show.

With something as important as your wedding photography, you don’t want to choose someone who isn’t the very best for you!


As I mentioned, your wedding photography is arguably the most important wedding service you’ll book. Vetting your photographer and knowing what to ask before you hire him or her is critical. Check out some of our previous posts on this topic for more insights:


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Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer | Shopping

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